Holiday Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Sarah Aubrey, 02/12/2021

With the holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to give you some gift ideas for that person in your life who is in the process of building a new home or has just become a homeowner. Most new homeowners don’t know they need a particular household item or specific tool until it becomes necessary!

In this list, we’ve tried to find the perfect gift for every type of homeowner; from practical to decorative gifts, we have you covered. 


Personalised Doormat 

Give the new homeowners a gift that allows them to mark their territory in a stylish way! We found heaps of fully customisable options on Etsy so their new home can be completely unique right from the front doorstep. Plus, these Honest Doormats will guarantee a chuckle from anyone that drops by. 


Garden Supplies 

It can be easy for new homeowners to get caught up in maintaining the inside of their home and forget that they have a garden to care for too! During the spring and summer months they will probably find themselves landscaping their yard and taking care of newly planted plants. They may not even know that they need one yet, but an extendable garden hose can be a total lifesaver when watering the garden (and washing off the dog after a particularly muddy walk!). Plus, you definitely can’t go wrong with a water blaster or leaf blower to help them keep their home clean and tidy. 

Or, picking up a gift card for a local plant barn or garden store will always be appreciated by anyone with a green thumb. 


Foldable Step Stool or Ladder 

While this may not be the most glamorous of gifts, it certainly will come in handy! So if you’re searching for a practical gift that will get a lot of use then a folding step stool or ladder is both easy to store and incredibly useful. These can be kept as a handy accessory in the bathroom for their kids, in the laundry room for storage, or in the kitchen for an extra boost for hard to reach shelves. 


Bike Storage 

Is the new homeowner in your life a keen cyclist? Well, hanging storage for bikes in the garage is a great way to save space. There are a variety of bike hangar hardware products available out there which are easy to install, maximise on garage space, and are user friendly for anyone wanting to hang their bike up. 


A New Letterbox or Clothesline 

The last thing you want to do after a move is spend more money, which is why a practical gift will always be appreciated. So, why not treat your new homeowners to a letterbox so they can really make their mark on the neighbourhood? You can check out some letterbox inspiration here. Plus, you can get really creative with the address numbers such as these kiwi inspired tiles or illuminated numbers

Or, why not help them make laundry day a breeze (literally) with a new clothesline. A rotary clothesline will never go unused in a kiwi backyard or if their new yard is on the smaller side then why not gift them with a retractable clothesline?


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit

Environmentally friendly cleaning kits are a great way to get started and form the foundation of a sustainable and clean home. Right now we’re loving the gift boxes from Will & Able which contain refillable products and creates jobs for people with disabilities, and the eco kitchen bundle from Ekoh is sure to go down a treat with an eco-conscious homeowner.   


Hire a Housekeeper 

Speaking of cleaning, why not give the new homeowner in your life vouchers for a cleaning service? It will definitely be appreciated because who doesn’t love coming home to a clean house?



Because wine not? Wine is a housewarming gift that never goes out of style and is sure to be appreciated by the new homeowners in your life. 


Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge but we hope with the help of this list that we’ve made your life a little easier. Best of luck and happy holidays from everyone at Trenz Create a Home! 


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