Landscaping Tips For Your New Home

Sarah Aubrey, 06/10/2021

Spring has sprung and amidst all the excitement of building your new home, landscaping your garden may have become an afterthought. Excellent gardens don’t just happen by accident; each landscaping design is reactive, responding to spatial restrictions and considerations, the climate, and your lifestyle. Landscaping is no small feat so if you’re looking for some inspiration then why not check out the Trenz Gardens & Courtyards Pinterest board

Here at Trenz Create A Home we know that landscaping can seem like a daunting prospect. So allow us to share some landscaping tips so that you can create your own slice of paradise in your backyard. 


Plan Ahead 

It can be easy to get ahead of yourself when it comes to landscaping your garden but it’s important to remember that upkeep can be quite the task. When planning your landscape, consider how much time you actually want to spend maintaining the lawn, gardens, and plants. For instance, if you lead a busy lifestyle you may want to plan for a low maintenance garden so you can cut down on your to-do list! 


Keep It Simple 

Sometimes less it more and a clean, simple, minimalistic garden can be a truly beautiful thing! If trees, plants, and shrubs are overcrowded it can take away from their own individual attractiveness (and sometimes make it harder for them to grow!). This spring, focus on utilising the space that you do have well and be creative and intentional with your landscaping. This could mean having fewer trees or large plants to open up the space or being more deliberate with your outdoor furniture locations. 


Zone You Backyard

Zoning is one of our best garden landscaping tips because it allows you to make the most of your space. It can help you to define a BBQ area, vegetable patch, kids play area or outdoor living space. You can create zones through having different flooring surfaces such as decking, stone or grass, having large planters to distinguish the space, or through architectural planting such as vertical gardens and ‘living walls’. 


Create A Colour Scheme 

Vibrant and bright coloured flowers are often the first thing that catches your eye when looking at a garden. So why not be creative and embrace bursts of colour to enhance the beauty of your own yard? Whether you choose to feature a variety of colours or only a select few, their visual appeal will set your garden apart from the rest. 


Garden Paths

Establishing clear pathways is an excellent way to section and space different parts of your garden. They also give you an opportunity to be creative with how unique these paths will be. Maybe you would like a crushed gravel path, a wooden boardwalk, or a stone walkway? The choice is yours! 


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