Trenz Homes: The Perfect Solution to Auckland’s Housing Shortage

Sarah Aubrey, 21/06/2019

According to the latest calculations by, an accumulated housing shortage of more than 34,000 homes has built up in Auckland over the last five years. Suffice to say, Auckland’s housing crisis is no secret.

We understand the frustrations that come with finding your way in a chaotic market, and the turmoil and disappointment it can cause for buyers, especially those trying to get on the property ladder and for those on fixed incomes. In these turbulent times, a DIY attitude has never been more valuable.

The outskirts of Auckland are opening up, and the land is readily available for those looking to buy. Here at Trenz Create a Home, we believe kitset homes could be the perfect solution to Auckland’s housing shortage.

Below are just a few of the reasons why.


Upfront costing

Our kitset homes ensure you know all costing from day one. Unlike buying on the market, that means no hidden fees or nasty add-ons along the way, making it easier for you to plan and manage your finances effectively.


Quick turnaround

The current property market isn’t exactly ideal for a speedy purchase, and uncertainty can be stressful. With Trenz Homes kitsets you can make your dream home a reality in three simple steps: choose a Trenz Homes floorplan, contact your local license to put your plans into place, and then build! Our customers can expect a quick process from ideation through to opening the door to your new home. It really is that simple.



Our team of dedicated professionals help you visualise your design, so you can modify your new space easily. We are by your side throughout the process and can be there are little or as much as you require them to be. Each step is hassle-free and on your terms.


Your exact needs met

This is your property, so design it how you want it. Our innovative homes are tailored to your exact specifications, so you can create your dream home without compromise. We are flexible with the plan and design specifications to ensure the home we create is uniquely yours. This way, unlike finding a ready-made house on the market, you know the house will fit your needs, rather than you fitting around the house.

Auckland is a beautiful and vibrant city with an array of desirable qualities. But something needs to change now to start the processes that will finally fix the housing crisis. That begins with creating solutions, creating new homes.

Contact us to learn how you can create yours today.

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