Tips For Settling Into Your New Custom Built Home

Sarah Aubrey, 02/11/2021

Moving into your new custom built home comes with a huge range of emotions and changes. Whether you have moved into a neighbourhood that is unfamiliar to you or you don’t quite have everything you need yet, it’s important that you take the time to settle in and make yourself at home. 

But don’t fret! We have a few tips for helping you settle into your new home. 


Explore the neighbourhood 

Your house doesn’t stand alone, it’s a part of a community! So take the time to familiarise yourself with the neighbourhood and its amenities before you move in. There could be a park nearby where you can play with your kids or dog, or there could be a local cafe which serves up an excellent brunch for lazy weekends. 

Also, don’t wait for your neighbours to drop by and say hello, instead be proactive and go out to meet them. A sense of home can be established by building connections with people living around you so have a go at socialising. Plus being friendly with your neighbours comes in handy if you’re going away on holiday and need someone to watch your house!


Make your vision a reality 

Even from the first time you saw the sketches for your new home you were probably picturing what it would look like once it was fully decorated with furniture, art, and your personal belongings. Well, the first several months of living in your new home are the perfect time to start bringing that vision to life. 

Putting your decorative vision into place can truly make your house feel like a home that you feel both comfortable in and proud of. If you’re stuck on ideas of how to decorate your home why not check out our Pinterest boards


Get to know your new home 

Your new home can feel a bit foreign to you until you take the time to get to know it inside and out. This is why your Trenz Create a Home Project Manager will conduct a new home orientation with you to run you through all the components of your home. 

It’s also crucial that you know where your electrical fuse box, water cut-off valves and other key elements of your home are located and that you know how to use them. Take the time to learn how to use the systems in your home and store away their manuals in a safe place so you can refer back to them in the future. This includes your air conditioning units, home security systems, smart home automation systems, appliances and more. 

Finally, talk to your family and decide on the best plans in case of a fire or other emergency so that everyone knows what to do. 



Once you’ve moved all your things in and taken the steps to make your new custom built house a home all you need to do is relax! Sit back, unwind, and bask in your home. 


Creating new beginnings 

We hope these tips are useful for helping you to make your new house a home. Remember that while new beginnings can be overwhelming, they can also be wonderful and exciting too! 

Are you ready to start designing your new home? Browse our range of home plans or make an enquiry with your local Trenz team now



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