House Plans: Clever Design to Make The Most of a Small Space

Sarah Aubrey, 14/08/2019

They say the bigger the better. But is this always true? Small homes can have just as much to offer, it really is just about how you utilise the space.

With property prices in New Zealand ever-rising, many Kiwis are now designing and building their own kitset home spaces. This doesn’t mean investing in a great deal of square footage, it means getting smart about design.

Below, we share our top design tips for making a small kitset home seem and feel larger.


Start with the floor plan

At Trenz Create a Home, we understand the technicalities that comes with a smaller space. From one bedroom houses through to sleepouts, our wide array of easily customisable floorplans are here to help you design your dream space.

When designing a smaller build, consider different sections for different needs. Each area should have an intended purpose. Compartmentalising like this will encourage you to look at your new home in terms of zones, and help you to differentiate each space.


Sliding doors

Taking up much less space than swinging doors, sliding doors allows for a ‘flow’ through your home. Pocket doors with glass windows allow light throughout the space, whilst also giving the option of privacy and separation when needed. 


Keep colours neutral 

Neutral colours make rooms feel more spacious than they are. A lighter, brighter space will also allow furniture and accessories to stand out, for a much stronger impact. Just be sure to add a variety of textures to keep the room from appearing flat. 


Aim high

You should always be looking to draw the eye up. Mirrors up high, artwork up high, curtains hung as close to the ceiling as possible, a floor to ceiling bookcase. Think vertical and exploit the space between the tops of furniture – all this will make the room feel much higher. 


Bigger furnishings 

It’s a misconception that small rooms should have small pieces of furniture. It may feel counterintuitive, but a few larger pieces can actually make a room feel much grander. Avoid pushing pieces up against the wall, as space behind the furniture makes your home look wider than it is. 


Float your furniture

Trickery really will get you everywhere in teeny territories. It’s all about the illusion. That starts with pulling your furniture away from the edges of a small room and continues with creating a floating island in the centre of a room to shift attention and draw focus to the central space.


Smart storage

It is essential to try and keep your smaller rooms clutter free so consider storage wherever you can. Extra spots under benches, in storage nooks, and especially in built-in furniture will help you save on square footage and make for a much happier home!

Small home designs are often the catalyst for change, asking you to look at things through a different lens. Making the most of very little has a unique joy to it that can’t be achieved through designing larger homes and spaces. They ask you to be smart, resourceful and to think outside the box. 

At Trenz Create a Home, we regularly help our clients design their new homes and spaces – big and small. In fact, our innovative software allows you to visualise your design, so you can modify to your liking. 

To discover more about our small house plans, contact us today – your new build awaits!

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