Welcome Home: Building Your Dream Home with Trenz Create A Home

Sarah Aubrey, 14/04/2019

In life, nothing quite matches the feeling you get when you open the front door to your dream home for the first time. At Trenz Create A Home, we understand this feeling and believe every kiwi should have the chance to experience it.

Building your own home with Trenz is a process that revolves around you and your families needs. We put all the power in your hands. Our customer-first approach combined with high-quality eco-friendly products and the right people ensure that your new home is perfect.

Our three step process is aimed at making the entire journey enjoyable, simple and hassle-free. Below we outline the three core steps that we take to creating your home.


Choosing your floorplan

Where some kitset home builders offer a limited range of flooring plans, we offer a vast range of flooring plans. These options include everything from a simple one bedroom, perfect for a quiet bach or sleepout, to expansive four and five bedroom family homes.

With our vast range of available floorplans, we’re confident you will find one to suit your lifestyle.

Investigating and choosing can all be done from the comfort of your home, as this initial stage is all done on our website. On our site, we have detailed information and plans that are free for you to download and work through at your own pace.

The hard part is falling in love with just one.


Contact your nearest franchisee

Once you have decided on a floorplan you would like to progress with, the next step is to get in touch with your local franchisee.

Trenz has an extensive network of franchisees throughout the country. Which means, regardless of where you are, from the far north to the deep south, there is a franchise in your area.

Our franchisees are a passionate group of people who all have experience within the residential construction industry before they joined Trenz. Which gives you the peace of mind that your house is built by people who understand how to create the best outcome, every time.


Make it yours

However, the beauty of a Trenz home is the flexibility you have to make your kitset home exactly what you want.

The design and layout of our flooring plans are made to be extremely flexible. Which means we are able to design a house that meets all your needs and is uniquely yours. Because at the end of the day, it’s the little, personal touches that make a house a home.


Trenz has been a trusted home builder for over 10 years. We have helped countless kiwi families design and build their dream home. With a wide array of beautiful and practical kitset home plans available, there is one to suit your needs.

If you would like to find out more about building your dream home with Trenz, contact your local franchise today. The sooner we get started, the sooner you get to open the front door.

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