Choosing the Right Layout: Important Factors to Consider when Choosing Your Plan

Sarah Aubrey, 30/06/2020

Building a house is full of big decisions. The biggest being deciding to build, the second, choosing a suitable and desirable floor plan. 

A floor plan encompasses everything from house orientation, size of interior spaces, number of rooms and overall size. 

Why is choosing the right floor plan early an important decision? Because it can be hugely expensive and difficult to change at a later date. With that in mind, here are a few things we tend to talk about with prospective new home-owners. 


How do the indoors and outdoors interact? 

This goes beyond creating a great indoor/outdoor flow for entertaining. While that definitely is worth thinking about. We’re looking at this from a practical perspective. 

The biggest consideration, which way do the bedrooms and living spaces face? Be sure to position these spaces in a way that maximises sun exposure – especially in winter. Ensuring the house stays toasty in winter, and helping the hip pocket a bit too. 

If you already have a section, be sure to have your plans drawn up specifically for that section. This will ensure the house is designed to maximise the sun and views. Talk to your Trenz Create A Home franchisee about this and they’ll be able to carry out a free site visit to discuss your new views.


Future-proofing the house

While you may not need that extra bedroom or second living space now, can you envision needing it in a couple of years?

If you’re nodding your head, it’s a no brainer. If you’re not sure or even saying no – consider including it anyways. You never know when another pair of feet will be running around the house or if you’ll want that man cave in the future. 

Don’t just think about the now or short term, think about your longer-term needs. If, for nothing else, think about the resale value that can be added by having that additional space. 


Make sure everything fits

Imagine finally moving into your new home. After months of watching the house rise from the ground, to move in and realise the couch doesn’t fit or your bed cannot fit in the master. 

To avoid this happening to you, make sure to be certain everything fits. Double, and even, triple check the floor plan to ensure all your belongings will fit. If you’re ever in doubt, increase the floor plan by a few metres. 

Finding out late that the space is too small after construction is complete can be costly, both in potential extensions and/ or new belongings. 


Take your time and think about

Remember, building a house is not meant to be a sprint. Take your time, understand everything and consider all possibilities. There is no silly or odd consideration. 

You are building a home that, hopefully, you’ll be in for the next 10-years plus. So make sure to get it right, the first time. 

The key to this is building with trusted and experienced builders. At Trenz, we know exactly what it takes to build a home that suits your lifestyle and future needs. 


Make sure you talk to our franchisee in your area and we’ll make sure you get the house of your dreams. Contact us today.

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