How to Create the Perfect Living Room

Sarah Aubrey, 15/09/2020

Decorating a home perfectly is more than just organising your furniture and frames neatly. Sure – that approach might make for a presentable home, but does the term “presentable” inspire comfort and relaxation within you? Us neither. 

We’ve previously gone over how to create the perfect bedroom sanctuary. And whilst some of those tips can be applied in a general sense, a bedroom is a place of private sanctuary. The living room, on the other hand, is a place of connection & spending time with family and friends (you know, “living”).

So here are a couple of living room-specific tips on how to create a relaxing atmosphere to share with those who mean the most to you. 



There’s a tendency for people to base their living room layouts on symmetry. This is quite odd, considering that the layout of a room can be the driving factor behind the interactions that take place within it. So arrange your furniture in a way to encourage more intimate social activities (arranging lounge and chairs in a diagonal fashion, facing each other, works wonderfully here). Make sure you have enough seating for your family and at least two guests – so everyone is comfortable. 


Declutter, but accessorize

Messy and cluttered rooms, aside from looking unsightly, tends to create a stressful atmosphere. That’s miles away from what you want your living room to feel like. So clean up a bit, and you’ll have already introduced a touch of serenity to your space, even before you’ve changed anything. 

That said, there’s nothing wrong with introducing a few personal trinkets here and there. Be it a small statue or a vase of your favourite flowers – you’re basically trying to instil a sense of familiarity. We take comfort in what we know, so a living room that genuinely reflects you is going to feel more comfortable. 



Finally – house plants. Not only do they inject a bit of natural colour to a room, but they also never fail to make any space feel a little bit fresher. Furthermore, they can have a stress-relieving effect on people around them. 

Tie everything together with a colour

Another surefire way to stave off any feelings of chaos in the lounge is to create a single, unifying theme throughout. This is easily achieved by using similar (or the same) colours with your rugs and curtains. If you’re a fan of contrast, you can always opt for differently coloured furniture to create a two-tone effect. 


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