Top tips to come in on budget

Sarah Aubrey, 14/06/2021

Building a house is most likely the largest and most complex investment you will ever make. Compared with buying an existing property, when you choose to build, there are a number of decisions that need to be made, all with your budget in mind. 

The most important part of this process is making sure you come in on budget. One of Trenz Homes’ key tools to assist this is our one-of-a-kind leading-edge design software. Called utecture, it is the only system in the world that provides you with a virtual representation of your future home, automatically adjusting pricing in real-time to help you balance your budget with your key priorities.  

As you work through your building design process, here are some top tips to ensure you come in on budget; 

  • Understand your site 

Your section is one of the key choices of your new build and this can determine how complex (and costly) the building process will be. Elements such as sloping sections, soil type, services and site access can all put pressure on your budget. Working with Trenz Homes upfront to complete a feasibility study on these areas is key to ensure you are prepared for all scenarios. Trenz Create a Home also offers a free initial site inspection at the start of every process.   

  • Consider your bathroom and ensuite 

By its very nature, a bathroom is a key cost contributor to a new build, given the amount of complex work required to build a fully functioning bathroom. Now with many modern homes having multiple bathrooms, it’s important to closely consider your choices. To tile or not to tile is a key choice for your budget, with the choices in acrylic-lined showers increasing in popularity. There are also many smaller choices like tapware for example, but when multiplied over several areas (vanity, bath, shower) that can add up quickly. 

  • Flooring 

Flooring is another major cost in any home and is a key choice as it needs to offer both visual appeals and be robust to wear and tear. There are now several excellent, less expensive laminate flooring options that can be a great alternative to hardwood and save on upfront costs, plus repairs and maintenance. 

  • Be as prepared as possible

Working with your local Trenz Homes team, our recommendation is always to try and have your design choices decided before construction starts. It’s the same concept of having a shopping list before you visit the grocery store, prepare a plan and stick to it! This can avoid the “it’s only another $200” conversation, which can add up quickly when you make this decision multiple times. Being prepared means you also avoid re-work to accommodate unplanned fittings and fixtures, which further affect your budget and timelines.

  • Invest in what’s important to you

There are now more choices than ever before – be it joinery, benchtops, or appliances. The secret to ensuring you maintain your budget is understanding what is really important to your new build, and what you are willing to compromise on. For example, within your kitchen, your benchtop choice is one of your key costs. Whilst some people prefer the concept of natural stone, there are also several less expensive alternatives within the engineered stone or laminate areas. If you choose a premium option in one area like benchtops, then other areas like appliances will need to be considered. 

Once your design is approved, for additional peace of mind, Trenz Homes believe a fixed-price contract is the safest option for our clients, ensuring you are financially set up and secure when you start the build – no nasty surprises or unknown costs to worry about. 

Please contact your local Trenz Homes team HERE to talk with us about your new home. 

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