The Kiwi Bach: Make Your Dream a Reality

Sarah Aubrey, 12/12/2021

New Zealand is full of an endless amount of beautiful spots, from pristine beaches, peaceful lakes, and panoramic mountains. With summer on its way you may have found yourself dreaming of having a holiday home in your favourite location. With Trenz Create a Home, you could be closer to achieving that dream than you may think. 

We have some tips for you to consider if you’re thinking of building your very own kiwi bach. 


Your Lifestyle 

Consider the lifestyles of the people who will be using the bach, whether it be a small family, extended family or a couple – they all have specific needs. As a rule of thumb, try to keep the outdoor area, garden, and furnishings low maintenance, and be careful of any potential hazards especially if children or older people will be visiting. 

Think about the orientation of the bach and take advantage of any views the property may have. That way you can enjoy your surroundings even if you’re just relaxing inside. 

If your dream home is by the beach you may want to consider installing an outdoor shower so that beach goers can have the opportunity to wash off after a day of surfing or swimming. 

It’s important to consider the liveability of your bach by implementing functional and practical aspects. 


Off To Bed 

Holidays tend to be spent with friends and family which means you may need to get creative with sleeping arrangements. If you can, aim to design a bach which can sleep two or more families so that you can share your down time with others. Sofa beds and bunk beds are a great way to make the most out of your space. 



Holidays are a time to relax and unwind. While your budget will of course determine how luxurious or simple your bach is, you may want to splurge on a few creature comforts. Simple luxuries like a dishwasher, washing machine, and modern appliances can really make a difference. And if you really want to splurge, an expansive deck or a spa definitely wouldn’t go unappreciated at a kiwi bach. 



You want to create a restful space for your holiday home, right? Integrating the surroundings of your home into the interior design with natural textures, tones, materials, and of course, natural light will enable you to create a peaceful and harmonious feel. 

When picking your colour palette veer towards the neutral and fresh tones but of course add pops of colour with artwork and furnishings to make the space feel inviting. Don’t forget that comfortable furniture really makes a difference for those lazy days spent inside or when you’re unwinding after a busy day at the beach. 


Your Builder 

With Trenz’s customer-first mindset and unrivalled building and design expertise, you can rest assured that your new bach will be exactly what you dreamt of. With a great range of floor plans, from one bedroom sleepouts to expansive five bedroom homes, there is a floor plan to suit your needs.

Additionally, as we know, plots of land come in all different shapes and sizes, particularly New Zealand which means that no two houses will be the same. The Trenz design process takes the dimensions, restrictions and features of your plot of land into consideration. The result? A floor plan and house that maximises the space you have available.

When you meet your local Trenz franchisee, we take the time to fully understand your vision for your new bach and then help you design exactly what you pictured.

Trenz has a nation-wide franchise network with experienced and passionate people dotted throughout the country. So if you’re dreaming of a holiday home, you can count on Trenz to help.


So, if you’re thinking of building your very own kiwi bach, contact your local Trenz franchisee today

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