Trenz ‘Create a Home’ – Supporting You Through the Entire Build Process

Sarah Aubrey, 20/04/2021

Building a new home offers a world of exciting possibilities. First, you need to find your ideal section, factor in time to find a designer and builder, and begin the adventure of choosing every element for your brand new home, from large scale items like roofing or external cladding, all the way to bathroom and light switch fittings. And you need to do all of this whilst managing your budget.

Trenz Create a Home was founded over ten years ago, as a full-service building company  – specialising in working with Kiwi’s throughout the entire home building process, from helping find the right section, to support you in your key build decisions to finally handing over the keys. If you’re considering building a new home, here are a few reasons why you’ll feel Trenz Create a Home is the right fit for you:


Section – the first step 

The section for your build is one of the key decisions for your new home. Is the land flat? How accessible is it? Where are the services like power and water? These are all critical elements of the build process. As a full-service home building company, Trenz Homes are with you from the very start of your journey and will visit your chosen section to conduct a thorough free site inspection for you. It’s all part of our service. 


Design – it’s really up to you  

Trenz Homes really puts the power in your hands. With over 50 popular designs to start from, and the option to fully customise your new home to suit your lifestyle, Trenz Homes really has an option for everyone. With options from one to five bedrooms, and even up to four bathrooms, Trenz Homes will support you to ensure your design meets the needs of you and your family, now and in the future. Trenz Homes uses a one-of-a-kind leading-edge design software uTecture also gives you a virtual representation of your future home, so you can see with your own eyes how your decisions are taking shape. 


Working to a Budget 

Trenz Homes will deliver your new home without nasty surprises or unknown costs to worry about. Using the functionality of the uTecture technology, Trenz Homes’ can offer a ‘real-time’ price for you to consider when balancing your budget. So, as you make changes to the design, you can instantly see the budget impacts. Once confirmed, Trenz Homes believes a fixed-price contract is the safest option for our clients, ensuring you are financially set up and secure when you start the build, without any hidden costs or surprises along the way.  


The consents process  

Once planned and budgeted, your Trenz Homes team will help you navigate the building consents process, which for newcomers can sometimes be complex and difficult to understand. With an approved design, we know you are excited to get started, but the consents process is a crucial step to ensuring code of compliance and protecting your investment upon completion. 


Build – managing delivery 

The final stage in the process – Trenz Homes’ dedicated team of experienced New Zealand builders and network of trusted trade partners take your plans and turn them into reality, with the utmost pride in providing top-quality workmanship and service. Your local Trenz team support you through every step of the build process, to deliver your home on time, and on budget. 

Based throughout New Zealand, Trenz Homes prides ourselves on delivering quality local know-how and excellent service. Please contact your local Trenz Homes team HERE  to talk with us about your new home.

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