Our Tips for Planning the Perfect Bathroom

Sarah Aubrey, 23/08/2021

To get the most out of your bathroom and create a modern space, getting the balance between aesthetics and functionality is vital. One of the most essential stages in any bathroom project is getting the layout right. It may sound daunting but not to worry, we’re here to show you all the things you need to consider. 


The space 

First things first, you need to have a clear understanding of how much space you’re working with. Figure out where the doors and windows will be located, along with where the pipework and heating elements (such as towel rails and extractors) will be. These constraints will play a role in what you are and aren’t able to do, so it makes sense to know your limitations up front so you can plan around them. 


Find inspiration 

If you aren’t quite sure where to get started, it’s always good to see what other people have done and take a leaf out of their book. So have a browse through Pinterest, Instagram, or home decor blogs to get an idea of what styles you like and find inspiration. 

From there, you can really narrow down your style choices, whether it’s a specific shower, bath, or wet room, and decide if it will fit your floor space. Are contemporary bathrooms more your thing or do you prefer a more traditional aesthetic? 


The design 

After seeking out inspiration and narrowing down the style you’re going for you should have some ideas about the direction you want to go in terms of design. From there, you will need to figure out which products you want as well as where they’re going to be positioned. 


The products

The next step is to decide on your products including the shower, bath, basin, toilet, bathroom furniture, and anything else you may like to add. As we know, there are some bathroom amenities which are simply essential while others are just nice to have, and at some point you’re going to need to make that distinction. For instance, some ‘nice to haves’ include heated towel rails, underfloor heating, and built in bathroom storage. While these elements do add character and can make your everyday routine easier, it does come down to personal preference, and your budget of course. 


Next steps 

Planning and design are vital to any project and if you get these stages right, the final product can be the perfect bathroom for you. Trenz Homes uses a leading-edge design software called uTecture which allows you to visualise every aspect of your new home and see how your decisions are taking shape. What’s more, as you play around with design options, utecture automatically adjusts pricing to help you balance your priorities. 

As you can probably tell, we are big fans of well-designed bathrooms. In fact, we’re even bigger fans of well-designed homes and providing them to Kiwi’s nation-wide. Find out more here.



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