Top Tips for Making Your Home Cozy This Winter

Sarah Aubrey, 25/05/2020

As we fast approach the colder months of June, July and August, the big jerseys and jackets, duvet and blankets are starting to be pulled out of hibernation. 

As most kiwis start to think about how best to keep warm this winter, we thought we would give you our best tips for keeping your home nice and cozy this winter. 


Warm colours in living areas

One of the simplest ways to feel warm when the temperature drops, is to give your home the allusion of warmth. But, how? 

By using warm colours throughout the home, especially in the main living areas. Walking into a room that is covered in dark, warm earthy tones, such as reds, yellows and oranges, will instantly trick your mind into thinking the space is warmer than it actually is. 


Use your curtains

There are two parts to this tip. Part one, invest in quality curtains. In winter, curtains are great at trapping warmth in. To make the most of this, look to hang heavy curtains that are made of thick, warm materials. And, again, look for those warm colours. 

Part two, open and close your curtains. During the winter months, there is only a limited amount of quality sunlight. During the day, make sure to open all curtains and allow the sunlight to flood in. Then as soon as the temperature starts to drop, close the curtains and trap in all the light and warmth collected throughout the day. 


Quality insulation

This is a no-brainer and something that all Trenz homes come with. Make sure that your walls, roof and floor are packed with quality insulation. 

This will help to stop any warmth escaping the house, helping to keep you all nice and toasty. 

Additionally, if you own a rental property or are interested in leasing your home out, it is now required by New Zealand law to have ceiling and underfloor insulation. So keep this in mind. 


Double-glazed windows

Compared to normal windows, double-glazed windows are an extremely efficient and cost-effective tool to keep your home warm. 

Due to the double-layer construction of the windows, warm air finds it harder to penetrate through the glass and escape the house. 

If you are looking to build a new home, make sure you insist on installing double-glazed windows. You won’t regret it. Especially, once you start getting the power bill in winter. 


Consistent heat

Try and avoid cranking your heating up, then turning it down, and then turning it back up again. 

This yo-yo-ing between hot and warm temperatures actually does very little for keeping your house at a nice temperature. In fact, the biggest impact it has is on your power bill. 

It’s better to leave your heating at a constant temperature and then letting your heating units self-regulate.


While winter is upon us, there are a number of tips and tricks to stay warm. The above are just a few that have made a big impact in our own homes. 

If you are interested in building a new house, make sure you talk to us about how we can implement the tips such as double-glazed windows, quality insulation and we can even point you in the right direction for good heating units and curtains. 

Get in touch today.

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