What to Expect From the Trenz Design Process

Sarah Aubrey, 23/02/2021

Building a house can seem like a daunting prospect – especially if you have no experience in construction or building.  Will I get value for money? Will I get what I want? And will I stick to my budget? These are all very real questions that need to be answered as you tackle any project.

The good news – is that the Trenz Create a Home process is here to offer expert support through the concept, design, and build process. 

Trenz Homes understand that our customers want to build a beautiful home in a way that is straightforward and simple, backed by experienced and expert advice as well as modern technology. Of course, the first step in any build is to find your ideal section. Once you have a site in mind, your local Trenz Homes team can meet you to discuss the options as part of a free site visit. It’s a good idea to do this before committing to any section, just so you understand what’s possible as well as what might not be when it comes to building on that particular site.  

Once you’ve purchased your section, this is when the fun begins! This is when you start designing your future home with Trenz Home… so what should you expect?


A design for everyone!

Trenz Homes has over 50 popular designs that make a great starting point, with our plans offering from one to five bedrooms, and even up to four bathrooms! In every shape and size, Trenz Homes works with you to ensure your design meets the needs of you and your family, now and in the future. Our house plans are extremely popular because the layouts have been proven to suit kiwi lifestyles with open plan living and great indoor-outdoor flow.



Whilst your starting point is our range of popular plans, Trenz Homes promise to deliver a home to suit your specific needs and individual preferences. Your local Trenz Homes team have fantastic experience working with customers from your area in your local conditions, be it city, rural or beachside. They are up to date with the latest home styles and trends and can help you easily adapt each house design  – It’s totally up to your budget and lifestyle.


The best of modern technology

One of Trenz Home’s key tools to assist in the design of your new home is our one-of-a-kind leading edge design software called utecture.

utecture is the only system in the world that provides you with a virtual representation of your future home, merging every single aspect of the design process, so you can see with your own eyes how your decisions are taking shape.



The utecture technology is not only visually exciting, but it also offers a real-time price for you to consider when balancing your budget. So as you make changes to the design, you can instantly see the budget impacts. Trenz Homes delivers a fixed-price contract to our customers, ensuring you are financially set up and secure when you start the build – no nasty surprises or unknown costs to worry about.


And it really is as simple as that. Once your drawings are confirmed and your pricing agreed, the next step is to submit plans to Council for consent, then begin your build. No pressure, no stress, just Trenz Create a Home helping you on your way to your home, your way.

At Trenz Homes we pride ourselves on building beautiful homes customised to your lifestyle. Please contact your local Trenz Homes team HERE to talk with us about your new home. 

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