How to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover for 2021

Sarah Aubrey, 24/05/2021

Is it time to update your bedroom? The bedroom, aka our inner sanctuary, is a place where we spend a lot of our free time. Whether that’s spent sleeping, watching Netflix or simply hiding out from the world, comfort and style are key. To keep your bedroom fresh and fun, here are 7 easy ways to give your room a makeover – no matter what your budget!


Bold Linen


Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so it makes sense to pay attention to the details. A bold new linen choice is the perfect place to start! Channel your inner interior stylist and go for a colour palette you might not ordinarily pick. You might be surprised at how much your room’s overall tone and vibe will change with this simple design trick. 


Reframe Your View


Add some ‘wow’ to your windows with a fresh set of curtains. Curtains and blinds aren’t always on the cost-effective side, but they’re worth the investment. With Winter coming into full force, you might want to switch out your lighter summer shades for something that locks in the heat and keeps you cosy all night long. If you’re on a budget, there are many readymade options that can be used cleverly. 


Incorporate Textures


Does your neutral room need some jazzing up? Meet your new bestie, texture. We always say that the key to perfecting texture is diversity among the objects and finishes. Throw on a colourful coverlet, play with different wall art or even paint a bold accent wall for flair. Maybe try a fabric headboard? Or a patterned rug? When it comes to incorporating texture, the world is your oyster. 


Refresh Your Colour Palette


Sometimes a colour overhaul is just what the doctor ordered. We find that the right colour in the bedroom can really make a difference and bed linen is an inexpensive way to make a big impact. Soft hues like sage and white convey a tranquil space while mixing bold prints and patterns can add a new dimension and make your space ‘pop’. Best of all, these can be easily swapped out depending on new trends, colours and of course – your mood. 


Switch Out Accent Pillows


For instant gratification, switch out the throw pillows on your bed. With so many colours, size and shapes to choose from – the possibilities are endless. Adding in new pillows is one of the quickest (and most cost-effective) ways to give your space a mini-makeover and will immediately transform the room. We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference.




Banish all bedroom clutter that doesn’t add to your relaxation (or romance). By tidying up the excess clutter in your room, this will instantly open up your space and convey the idea of a much larger, much calmer room. All it takes is a few creative storage ideas and boom –  clutter be gone! 


Browse Pinterest


Still don’t know where to start? You can always rely on Pinterest for a mega-dose of beautiful bedroom inspiration. Take a look at our board of bedroom inspiration here, or create your own board and fill it with your favourite colours, materials and patterns to help kick-start your makeover! 

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