6 Design Tips for a Productive Home Office

Sarah Aubrey, 01/02/2021

Whether you work from home or have carved out a space for your favourite hobby, your home office should be a place to inspire creativity and allow you to get down to business. But more often than not, this isn’t the case. In fact, home offices easily become the most neglected part of the home, driving us to work anywhere but the actual office (like your couch or the kitchen bench). 

To help you create a dedicated space for work, we’ve put together our best design tips that guarantee an office you’ll never want to leave. Keep scrolling! 


Invest in the best desk for your budget

Choosing the right desk for your home office is critical. To find the right one, evaluate how much free space you have available in the room. Your desk needs to be big enough for your laptop or computer while providing space to write notes or sort files. If your budget can allow for it, a standing desk is certainly worth considering. Not only does a standing desk mean less back pain and less time spent sitting, but they’re also known to boost energy levels and improve your mood!


Get your home office lighting right

A bright, light office space is the perfect place to think and create. When designing your office design, remember to consider the natural light and where it will come from. Position your desk to face the windows or in a spot where you can avoid glares on your computer screen. You can also enhance the natural light with a mirror and by keeping most of your walls a light colour. 

When working through to nighttime, a soft desk lamp is an essential must-have to provide some extra light in the evenings. 


Banish clutter with creative storage solutions

It’s no secret that home offices can get messy – fast. They say that a tidy space equals a tidy mind and we couldn’t agree more! To keep the piles at bay, it’s important to maximise your storage space. The trick is to think up. Make the most of your vertical square footage with floating shelves or installing cabinets up the wall. Remember, the height of your room can be a major asset when it comes to organising your office.


Choose your home office chair sensibly 

We all know the key to a productive WFH space is your chair. We spend a lot of time sitting which means a comfy chair that offers adjustability and lumbar support is essential. Plus, pick the wrong one and you won’t be able to focus on anything else all day! Luckily, there are plenty of amazing options to choose from now. It’s worth perusing reviews and testing out a few different models before you settle on “the one.”


Add greenery

Breathe some life into your new office space with some greenery. Plants do more than just sit there and look pretty, they also help purify the air, absorb noise, boost your mood and increase productivity. Is there anything they can’t do? 

When it comes to picking your new office plant, consider the light levels it might need and its watering requirements. There’s nothing less motivating than starting at a brown, dishevelled plant on a Monday morning…


Create a functional feature wall to help reach your goals

You deserve an office that doesn’t just keep you busy but inspires creativity. We love the idea of adding a functional feature wall, whether that’s a noticeboard or chalk wall, to help visualise your goals and milestones while keeping track of deadlines and to-do lists. 


Feeling inspired? Browse our range of home plans here or get in touch with your local franchisee to find out how we can help design your dream office. 


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