5 Ways to Get Creative with Storage

Sarah Aubrey, 21/07/2020

Clutter might be the most disliked thing in human history. Despite this, everyone at some point in their lives is likely to come face-to-face with the dreaded clutter. 

But all is not lost, as more and more people enter the home-owning game, more creative hacks to deal with clutter are discovered. Here are 5, because a longer list would start to feel a bit cluttered in its own right, and that’d just defeat the purpose.  


Invest in Dual-Purpose Furniture

One of the few proven protections against clutter is efficiency – and what’s more efficient than killing two birds with one stone? 

One example of dual-purpose furniture could be a grand wooden chest with a flat top that’s perfect for storing just about anything you’d rather your guests not see whilst also making for an eye-catching coffee table. 

Another increasingly common piece of dual-purpose furniture is a bed base with built-in drawers. The major strength here is that you are able to store your extra possessions without having to invest in more furniture solely for storage – after all, what’s the point of dealing with one mess when you’re just going make another by cluttering up your home with extra furniture? 


Making Use of Doors

An issue homeowners can run into, especially with smaller homes, is a lack of traditional storage solutions (i.e. attics, closets, etc). However, one thing that virtually every house has at least a few of, are doors – so why not put them to good use?

Whilst built in coat hangers have been present on doors for a good while, the modern use of doors-as-storage is endless and inexpensive via door-mounted shelving units. For further organisation, you can coordinate what you’ll use each storage space for based on which room it’s in – i.e. Bathroom doors for toiletries, Kitchen doors for utensils, etc.


Shelf Closets

As mentioned above, a common storage problem can be the lack of substantial closet space. However, this can be easily remedied with a couple of shelves and a few boxes and/or storage crates. 

Simply designate each crate’s usage via labelling (such as linens, or different family members clothes). Understandably, loading your shelves up with crates for all to see might seem counterproductive to dealing with excess clutter, so consider decorating the outside of each crate to match the decor of the rest of the room.


Hide in style

Actually, stuffing things into nicely decorated crates can be useful throughout the house in general. This might seem like the grown-up version of hiding mess under the bed (actually that’s exactly what this is), but you’d be surprised how much a bit of decorating can make crates seem like they are part of the decor. 

One example of this method could be to use said crates to hide and store medium-sized kitchen appliances. If you decorate the outside of these crates in line with the rest of the kitchen (i.e. painting them the same colour as the walls), you’ll soon forget they are even there. 

Besides, this is YOUR house, and you’ve earned the right to stuff things under the bed if you want to. 



We’re always being encouraged to recycle whenever possible, so why should storage be any different? We’ve all seen mason jars used in a billion and one different ways (but their intended purpose, it seems) – but this is barely scratching the surface. 

There’s literally an endless list of different ways to recycle old possessions into storage solutions (particularly for smaller, fiddlier things), and they’re all just a quick Pinterest away. 


Some of our favourites include using old ice cube trays to store jewellery or office supplies, pillowcases as a way to sort your bedsheets and an old ladder as a towel rack. As with the crates we mentioned earlier, feel free to decorate whatever you end up recycling to match the rest of the room. 

Is creative storage only one of your many home-related woes? Or are you researching in preparation for a new home? Feel free to browse our full range of home designing services and blogs covering a wide range of related topics here.

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