The Benefits of Building A New Home

Sarah Aubrey, 19/10/2021

There are a lot of things to weigh up when it comes to making the decision of building a new home or buying an existing house. For some it comes down to personal preference, the difference between living in a classic Kiwi villa that they can renovate and make into a family oasis or the excitement of a new home where you get to make every design decision and have a completely custom result. 

Ultimately, the decision is up to you but here at Trenz Create A Home we’ve been building brand new homes for Kiwis for over ten years so we can think of a few reasons that you may want to build new:


Future Focused 

Given that building materials and standards have evolved so much over the years, newly built homes tend to be significantly warmer, drier, better insulated and more energy efficient. Plus new builds give you the opportunity to install features such as solar panels or underfloor heating during the build which saves the cost of these being installed in the future. 



The Trenz team specialises in helping our customers realise their dream home visions and make them a reality. You have the ability to choose your ideal location, design your home to meet your exact tastes and customise it to suit you and your family’s lifestyle – all without compromise! 


Energy Efficiency 

As new homes are built to meet current building codes they are more energy efficient due to tight ducts, properly installed insulation, double glazed windows, energy efficient HVAC systems, and energy efficient water heating systems. All of these features lead to lower your energy bills which will save you money in the long run and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. 



If you’re in the market for your first home and have been considering going down the new build route you could benefit from KiwiSaver’s HomeStart grant. The grant is specifically designed to encourage new builds and it doubles for first home buyers building from scratch, which means if you have been contributing to the scheme for at least three years you could receive up to $10,000 toward your deposit. 



With a new home, you know exactly what you’re getting and there will be far less repairs of maintenance required than in a resale home. You will know the exact materials and systems that were used to build your home so you won’t be in for as many surprises down the road and you will have the added benefit of being able to contact your Trenz Project Manager to help you navigate warranties should anything go astray. 


Uniquely Yours

Not many people get to say that they had a hand in designing their own home. It may be a lot of work but it does come with a genuine sense of accomplishment. There truly is nothing better than seeing your dreams and ideas come to fruition from the foundation up. 


Building a brand new home can be an overwhelming project to undertake, but with the help of a reliable Trenz expert, building your dream home can be a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. The Trenz Homes team is here to help so get in touch today to make your dream a reality. 

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