Interior Design Trends: What’s Coming Next in 2021

Sarah Aubrey, 05/11/2020

Sure, home is where your heart is. But now it’s also where your gym is, conference room… and maybe even your movie theatre. Now more than ever, your home interior set-up has never been so important. 

Wondering what’s in store for home design trends next year? We look to the likes of Pinterest to reveal the best emerging trends in interior design. From nifty coffee stations to gender-neutral nurseries, here are our top six predictions for 2021!


Home Theatres

Home theatres are no longer just for celebrities and the few that can afford such a luxury. In fact, searches for “home theatre” are up 368 per cent on Pinterest. More and more homeowners are looking to create a small slice of luxury in their new home and best of all, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Thanks to the wonder of modern technology, affordable and high-quality screen projectors aren’t hard to come by. Add dimmable lighting and some comfy couches (no straight-backed chairs allowed) and you’ve got the perfect set-up for family movie night. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn machine.


Unisex Nurseries

Gender-neutral nurseries are certainly not a new revelation. For a while now parents have deviated from the traditional pink and blue but Pinterest has seen a big surge in interest, with searches up 527 per cent last year. Forget pink being for girls and blue for boys, homeowners are looking to create unisex spaces that are gender-neutral and actually, a lot chicer as well as being more inclusive. 


Thrifted Decor

Much like the move away from fast fashion, new homeowners are embracing the idea of preloved and vintage decor. Whether it’s a painting, indoor plant pot, or a large sofa, buying second-hand pieces are rising in popularity. Not only does this help reduce our impact on the environment, but vintage items also add instant character to any space!


Coffee Station

Since coffee is a way of life, it makes sense that a dedicated spot in your home for caffeine is trending – Especially with the rise in people working from home! According to Pinterest, the number of searches for “coffee stations” is up by a whopping 751 per cent. 

Want to carve out your own coffee station? Start by clearing a space on your counter, make sure there’s space for all of your coffee necessities and keep it near your mug shelf. If you’re a true coffee lover you might invest in a barista-quality coffee machine too. 


Indoor Garden Room

In light of the unprecedented amount of stress we’ve experienced this year, there’s never been a better time to incorporate a touch of nature into your home decor. Interior designers everywhere preach the calming power of houseplants and Pinterest will back this fact up – searches for garden rooms have grown by 104 per cent. 

Garden rooms are small spaces, possibly a sunroom, study or even a garden shed that is brimming with plants. Within all the greenery, add somewhere to relax like a chaise lounge or comfy sofa and enjoy the peace.


Spanish Bathrooms

Spanish-inspired bathroom designs take their cues from the casual, comfortable and welcoming style from the regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Think bright colours, iconic archways and decorative tiles. Patterned tiles, specifically terracotta, are seeing a huge rise in popularity on Pinterest and it’s no surprise why. Pair this with arched doorways, mosaic-style backsplashes, and rustic vintage and you’ll be transported to your very own Spanish sanctuary.


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