Create Your Own House: The Affordable Solution

Sarah Aubrey, 15/10/2019

New Zealand has a housing crisis. Properties are expensive, and the homes we are building are big-budget. Kiwis are in need. Something needs to change.

At Trenz Create A Home, we believe the affordable new home solution is building your own. Economical and cost-effective, we exist to help New Zealanders – young and old – onto the property ladder.

Below, we answer the how’s, why’s and what’s of keeping costs down when looking to build your own home.

Why build a new home?

It’s empowering! Never has there been a more exciting time to take matters into your own hands in the NZ housing market. 

A well-considered and thorough house design and build is fast becoming the quickest and most efficient way to get the house of your dreams.

How does your floor plan affect cost?

A cost-effective build starts with a cost-effective floor plan (of which we have plenty). Essentially, the more complex your floor plan, the more you can be expected to fork out. Meaning if you don’t want to spend a lot, keep the geometry simple. Remember – corners equal cost!

What construction method and materials keep costs down? 

There is no ‘cheap’ solution here, and there shouldn’t be. This is your build, create a home you can feel proud of. 

But it is worth thinking about the life-span and purpose of your house. Is this for a rental? Is it an investment property looking for the capital gain? Or is this your home for the next 25 years? Materials and construction method are determined by durability.  

How will floor area contribute to cost?

Square footage certainly contributes to the cost of your build. Our innovative software allows you to modify your home, so you can adjust and have your exact needs met. 

Our team of dedicated professionals are by your side throughout the process and can be there as little or as much as you require. Each step is hassle-free and on your terms.

New Zealand is an amazing country, full of promise and a highly desirable quality of life. But now, more than ever, Kiwis need to secure their futures. That starts with creating affordable solutions – affordable homes.

Contact us to learn how you build your affordable home today. 

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