5 Interior Design Trends to Spruce Up Your New Home

Sarah Aubrey, 23/09/2019

A new home. A blank canvas. The possibilities! But where to begin? With a new home comes a world of design ideas. 

From palettes to prints, floors to furniture, we take a look at the latest design trends to spruce up your designer kitset home this spring.

Into the Woods  

You might say the use of wood is nothing new in design terms, but a wood finish has grown in popularity year after year and continues into this spring. 

A timeless, versatile material, adding wood flooring to your kitchen or wooden panels to your bathroom or dining space is a stylish way of bringing the outdoors in. 

Come to the Dark Side

The all-white kitchen had a good run. But now, colour is slowly creeping its way back into the fold –  specifically, black or darker cabinetry. 

Offering a sleeker, richer and more modern aesthetic, contrast dark panelling against an open, airy and light space for a fresh look and feel.

Subtle Geometrics 

The reason a lot of us struggle with geometrics in the home is its preconception as something that needs to be bold and in your face. The reality is, it can be soft and subtle too.

Stick to a geometric neutral hue in a repetitive pattern across wallpapers, tiles and art pieces. Keep it simple with classic, plain pieces in contrast to enhance the space fully.

Go for Gold

Say hello to the metal of the moment: gold. And of course we don’t mean all-gold-everything (unless you’re overhauling Buckingham Palace) choice gold pieces in the home make a deep, rich statement.

Especially effective in your sleeping space, illuminate your bedroom with decorative golden accents like trays, candles and vases. Match with hues of blue, pink, green and bronze to make them pop.

A Stamp of Sustainable

A way for Kiwis to feel grounded in their homes and stay connected to their roots! Pieces made by hand using sustainable materials are hugely on trend this season. 

In fact, sustainable decor has had a serious uptake in general. Upcycling, reusing and recycling materials make a world of difference to tired spaces. Cheaper, classier and kinder to mother earth – what’s not to like?

There really is no limit to the personal interior design trends you can add to your prefab home. At Trenz Create A Home, we make sure our highly customisable kitset floor plans allow you the flexibility to create a space you can bring those unique design touches to – on your terms. 

To learn more about how Trenz can help you adapt your new home to fit your lifestyle and needs, get in touch with your local franchise today.

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