Wrap up for winter

Sarah Aubrey, 14/06/2021

It’s the time of year, where the temperature begins dropping and you start to consider your winter wardrobe. This change of season from tropical summer to the cooler winter months also signals a time when you will start to utilise your home in different ways. Because of the onset of wind and the rain, and the change in daylight savings, you will no doubt spend more time indoors through winter, meaning an increased focus on creating a warm and cosy indoor environment. 

Now more than ever, as people focus on mindfulness and work-life balance, there’s nothing better than stepping away from it all into a restful bedroom or lounge for quality hibernation. The good news is, it’s not as hard as you may think to create a warm and comfortable home for the winter or in fact any other season. So, when planning your new home design, here are some tips to help achieve the feeling of cosiness within your home; 

Ambient lighting 

Installing light fixtures with a dimming effect can also create a great atmosphere. Lighting is a critical element to consider in your quest for a warm and cosy room. Harsh ceiling downlight is a common mistake in homes, where more focus should be on turning off overhead lighting, in favour of softer downlights. Lighting from different sources such as lamps can also help soften the overall room appeal, whilst still being incredibly functional and well lit.  

A touch of wood  

Wood by its very nature is warm and natural. Incorporating a touch of wood or timber finish into your bedroom or lounge can bring that feeling of cosiness into your room. This does not need to be overstated, but could be as simple as a piece of furniture or feature wood panelling.

Soothing colours and soft furnishings 

When it comes to textures and colours, think soothing and calm rather than anything too dramatic. Pillows and throws made of soft fabrics like cashmere or cotton, give the room a comfortable and inviting feeling and are also handy when you get cold! Layer in these soft elements throughout your space for an overall welcoming feel. 

Add area rugs 

One of the easier ways to make a room cosier is by adding warmth underfoot. A plush rug gives functional warmth, but also adds texture and colour to the room. 


Adding some greenery not only adds oxygen to the air but can soften and freshen up hard interior finishes. And when we’re hunkering down to avoid bad weather, they give us a sense of enjoying the outdoors by bringing the outside in. 

For helpful design tips when planning your new home, please contact your local Trenz Homes team HERE.

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