The Perks of Starting Fresh: New House, New You

Sarah Aubrey, 06/02/2020

New beginnings can take many forms. A new home, perhaps the most symbolic and life-changing of those fresh starts.

And a dream home without compromise? Completely possible. Because if you want to start fresh then why not do it on your terms? Building your own home with Trenz means you can design your new space exactly how you want, tailored to your exact specifications with our innovative software.

Living life the way you choose with the freedom a new home provides, we share our perks of starting a-new:

Construction quality

This is your build, so you know exactly what is going into it. Saving you headaches of having to update an old property, modern construction methods and Trenz technology ensures a more structurally sound home. That’s more peace of mind for you and your family from the moment you walk through the door.

Modern floor plans and design

From 1 bed plans to your own creation, our Plan Finder has been designed to help you build a home without compromise. Define your needs, browse our catalogue, choose a plan, get in touch with your local Trenz Homes franchisees, and start your journey. 

A true sense of ownership

Moving into a formerly lived in space comes with history, and you can often inherit the problems of the previous owner. With your own build, you can enjoy your home, from its origins! Knowing it’s yours, and yours alone.

Energy efficiency

New builds are built to standards that make them more efficient than older homes. Not only are these homes better for the environment and more energy-efficient, they have lower bills and save you money in the long run. 

A blank canvas

With a completely new build comes a world of design ideas. From palettes to prints, floors to furniture, there really is no limit to the personal interior design options you can explore. At Trenz, we make sure our highly customisable floor plans allow you the flexibility to create a space you can bring those unique design touches to. 

Don’t let your dreams be dreams! The fresh start you’re craving is only a piece of land away.

Contact us to learn how you build your affordable home today.

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