Your Dream Home: 5 Steps to Choosing The Right Builders

Sarah Aubrey, 23/07/2019

How do you choose the right builders to transform your dream home into a reality? It’s a question that needs careful consideration. Because getting it wrong could come at a costly price.

Below, we share our tips and tricks to ensure you pick the right builder for your Trenz Create a Home build.


Look for recommendations

Word of mouth might seem like an old-fashioned way of doing things, but from Auckland to Christchurch, the best builders will be known by their reputation. Ask friends, family and work colleagues for their experiences, both good and bad to get a feel for who is working in your area. 

Community groups and forums like Facebook are also handy for recommendations and endorsements. 


Check their background

Once you have your builders in mind, do your research. Check out their website, if they have one (the good ones usually will), and their social media accounts to see testimonials and any other work they have done.

Go one step further and visit their company’s show homes or even the homes of their previous clients. The proof is in the pudding, after all!


Ask Questions 

A good building company will answer all and any questions you have about your build. They will understand the passion behind the project and want to do the best job for you as possible. And that means they won’t shy away from giving you answers.

If you feel communication isn’t up to scratch from the get-go, they probably aren’t the builders for you.


Guarantees and contracts 

Kiwis are protected by “implied warranties” – automatic guarantees for every residential building project.

At Trenz Homes, we believe in the value of consumer protection. That’s why every Trenz Home project comes with a 10 year Latent Defects Building Warranty. Unlike any other building warranty or guarantee in New Zealand, it’s a first response policy that is set up with the intention of fixing the problem first. 


Understand who is who

Knowing what is going on on-site and who is doing what can take a lot of stress out of the process. You may decide to put your builder in charge or decide to manage it yourself, either way, having a clear oversite is imperative to things running smoothly.

Considering how much time and experience is needed to manage the project is also a key factor. If this is not done efficiently, your timeline and budget could be seriously affected. 

With Trenz Homes, we know the factors key to a successful build and successful outcome. That’s why our team of dedicated professionals are on hand from design to completion, catering the whole process to your needs. 

Contact us today to better understand how we can help you with your dream build.

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