No Compromises: Get the Most Out of Your Small Spaces

Sarah Aubrey, 23/02/2021

With less land available in our metropolitan centres and available sections getting smaller on average – the way we design and plan smaller homes will be a popular subject in the future. 

However, a smaller home does not necessarily mean you need to make compromises. Trenz Create A Home’s design and planning process is revolutionising how Kiwi’s design and customise their new home. The result? The freedom to design and build an entry-level home, or customise a one of a kind build, tailored to your budget and taste.

Planning how to maximise and make the most of your small spaces and storage is a key part of the design process to ensure maximum value for your investment. As part of the design process, your local Trenz Homes team can offer experience and suggestions, or you can bring your inspiration from your own research.  

Here are some of the most popular tips to use your space in clever and useful ways;

Bring the Light

Smaller spaces need light to feel open. You can do this through an uncovered window, or you could even consider a skylight or light diffuser. LED light strips can be recessed or tucked behind cabinetry as an alternative way of creating subtle yet effective lighting along walls as well as ceilings.

Make Use of Awkward Spaces

Custom furniture has never been more accessible – and can be an easy DIY project. Think about a piece of furniture that can make the most of an awkward spaces or nooks. If furniture won’t fit, consider custom shelves to fill the space.

Doors can offer Additional Storage

The backs of your door can offer more storage ideas for you. Hang hooks on the backs of all your doors so you can hang whatever you want. You can even use the insides of cabinet doors which can also provide extra space. Alternatively, doors can make small spaces more awkward so it may be worth considering cavity sliders to make the most of tight floor space.

Use Wall Space

Wall space can be an untapped resource for all types of storage. For example, use tall bookshelves to extend your storage, recess shelving units into the wall space, install hooks to hang your bike on the wall, or try a living planter wall to bring the outside in, without a large planter pot taking up additional space.

At Trenz Homes we pride ourselves on building beautiful homes customised to your lifestyle. Please contact your local Trenz Homes team HERE to talk with us about your new home. 

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