5 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Sarah Aubrey, 12/01/2021

It’s official, summer has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited to spend our afternoons enjoying the sun and dining alfresco. So, what better time to refresh your outdoor space?

Your outdoor living space is an essential part of any new home; between entertaining, lounging and family dinners, this area is utilised a lot – especially in the summertime. But best of all, size is no issue! 

No matter whether your backyard consists of a small garden or a singular balcony, we’ve compiled some easy ways to maximise your space and create the perfect outdoor oasis. 


Less is More

When it comes to sprucing up a smaller area, less is definitely more. But that’s not to say you need to sacrifice your favourite garden elements because you have a limited area. Simply scale it down!

For example, if you love trees, think about adding a magnolia in a large pot or another small tree suitable for growing in containers. Similarly, consider your water features. Tiny fountains and bubbling urns can easily be incorporated into your space, no matter what its size. 


Make Space for Snacks

What would an outdoor space be without a place to dine? This is where weather-resistant and easily moveable furniture comes into play. Choose a solid base for your table and invest in coverings to protect the furniture. Pro tip: don’t forget to consider the elements when positioning your eating area – nobody wants the sun glaring into their eyes all day long.

If your space (or budget) won’t accommodate for an elaborate al fresco dining situation, create a breakfast nook instead. There’s possibly no better way to begin your day than sitting in the sunshine with a book, breakfast bagel and a steaming cup of fresh coffee. Mmmm, perfection. 


It’s all in the Details

They say the devil is in the details, and that applies here too. In a tiny space everything comes under the microscope, so pay attention to the details. Make sure your potted plants are looked after, outdoor furniture isn’t rotting or rusty and the water in your mini-fountain is clean. Try adding a vintage decor piece or an outdoor rug to give your space some extra personality and funk. 


Play with Light

Well-placed lighting can work miracles for any outdoor space. As well as practical lighting for your steps and seating areas, add some flair with special lighting features like candles, fairy lights or lanterns. 


Establish Privacy

Without walls put up or a fence, your outdoor space is not only exposed to the elements – it’s exposed to nosy neighbours too (no thanks!). To help transform an outdoor space into a true oasis, a sense of privacy is key. For this, you’ll need some kind of wall structure on at least two sides to create the feeling of shelter. This doesn’t necessarily mean using walls – it’s the illusion that counts. Try trellis screens, bamboo panels or even a well-placed hedge.

Are you feeling inspired? You can browse our range of beautiful home designs here to find the starting point for your new home. Alternatively, jump right in and contact your local Trenz franchisee here! 

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