Building on a Budget: Easy Ways to Save Cash

Sarah Aubrey, 27/04/2020

Building a home can be a sizable investment. With a number of moving parts, it can be easy to see this investment blow out beyond what was initially planned. 

To avoid this happening to you, let us help you complete your dream build. 


Stick to your budget

What we want to build and what we can build is governed by one thing, our budget. 

It is a simple really, but the budget you have set aside will dictate your options. With that, our number one advice for saving money during a build, create a budget and stick to it. 


Finalise costs early

Now you have finalised your budget, next step, finalise all expected costs of the build. This will include franchise fixed contracting costs, approval fees, and even factor in an emergency fund. 


Don’t stray from the plans 

Changing your floor plans during the build can be a sure-fire way to exceed your budget. 

Unless it is critical, try not to stray too far from the approved floor plan. Making changes to the floorplan mid-build will incur a number of additional costs, from council fees, changes in material costs and building fees. 


Bigger isn’t always better

It is easy to get caught up in the idea of building a big house with tons of space and rooms. But, remember, the larger the house the more land required and the larger the budget required. 

Think long and hard about what you will require now and in the future. You may find, you don’t need the biggest house on the street. 


Get smart with storage

Quality storage space is hard to come by and often requires a lot of room. 

But nowadays, there are countless innovative and smart ways to create storage space that doesn’t take up half the house. By being smart with storage space, chances are you’ll have more usable space without increasing the footprint of the house. 


Build for energy-efficiency

Save money in the long-term by setting your new house up to pay for itself. 

Look for simple and effective ways to save on bills by installing energy-efficient appliances, water tanks, large double glazed windows and solar panels. All of which will reduce your bills in the long-term, meaning you’ll have more money to play with. 


Invest in quality 

Similar to the above, try to invest in quality building materials and workmanship in order to save money in the long-term. 

While, it may cost a bit more initially, focusing on quality over cost will increase the longevity of the house, and reduce the maintenance costs in the long run. 


Don’t go it alone 

Have a team of experienced experts, who understand what you are looking for and know how to produce, work alongside you. 

At Trenz Create A Home, our network for experienced and passionate franchisee’s is exactly what you need. 


Get in touch and let us help you create your dream home today!

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