How Trenz Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Lifestyle – Rural or Suburban

Sarah Aubrey, 19/01/2021

The only problem with freedom is that choosing how to use it becomes a big task unto itself. And seeing as freedom of choice is a big part of our model, we know this all too well. By providing our customers with the freedom to customise the house of their dreams, in turn, we also offer them the options on where (and thus how) they can live too. 

Choosing where to settle down, particularly when choosing between a rural or a suburban setting, is one of the most important choices you’ll make. Not only do they come with their own set of ups and downs, but they also offer quite different opportunities and lifestyle choices. 

So we thought that in the interest of making choosing a simpler task, we’d first go over what sort of lifestyles are offered in rural and suburban areas, and how to make the most of them. 



Rural areas tend to be slightly more tranquil than more urbanised ones. They are also more spacious than their skyscraping counterparts. 

Because of this extra space, rural sections are great for those with big dreams and even bigger home plans. Simply put, the extra space = bigger homes, or space for future planning, extensions and extra features. 

When you combine the fact that they tend to be more affordable with our customised approach to home building, even the most budget-conscious of people can look to rural living to help achieve their lifestyle aspirations. 



Whilst urban and suburban sections tend to be more compact, they come with a range of benefits that make up for it. 

Firstly, since they are usually closer to existing drainage and power systems, it’s often more affordable to get your power and water set up in suburban areas.

When it comes to convenience, they are second to none. You’ll never be far from your pick of amenities such as shops, cafes, gyms, etc. You’ll also probably experience a greater sense of community in more suburban areas as you’ll be living in much closer proximity to your neighbours & friends. 

Now, you’ll want to plan your domestic dreams accordingly due to the smaller sections typical of urban spaces. That said, talk to us about your ideal home life. With our range of compact-yet-efficient plans, you can still achieve your desired lifestyle whilst living closer to the city


Deciding on building rurally? Check out our range of spacious, lifestyle builds here. Or alternatively, get in touch with your local franchisee here.


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