Creating Sanctuary – 5 Tips to Putting Together the Perfect Bedroom

Sarah Aubrey, 23/08/2020

It’s said that we spend, on average, 33% of our lives asleep. That’s around 26-33 years, and overall, a third of our lives. 

Why do we bring this up? Well, because there’s probably no other single place you spend more time in than your bedroom. It’s more than just a place you end the night and start the morning in – it’s where you’ll spend a huge chunk of your life. 

So with this in mind, you can see why creating a bedroom that serves as a sanctuary you actually enjoy spending time in is extremely important – you owe it to yourself.

Now, what creates a perfect place of calm will differ greatly from person to person, but we’ve put together a few general pointers to help you create the perfect bedroom for you. 



For those in the know (interior designers, decorators and shortly, you), colour is much more than just the shade you give your walls. The colour you choose can have a massive impact on both the atmosphere and how you perceive space in your room. 

Neutral shades, such as your whites, blacks and greys tend to contribute to a more relaxed, laid-back environment, which is why they work well in bedrooms. You can opt for more experimental, brighter colours – such as greens and reds – if you wish, but keep in mind that these colours often lead people to feel stimulated and energized – not exactly ideal for places of rest (great for living rooms though).

There’s a tendency among some people to base their choice between lighter and darker shades solely on how much natural light a room is exposed to, but this isn’t necessarily the best approach. 

Lighter neutrals tend to bring a more airy feeling to a room, which often makes it feel more spacious. By contrast, darker neutrals often lead to a room feeling cozier and warmer. There’s no right or wrong approach here, just consider which sort of atmosphere you’d personally prefer. And don’t worry about opting for darker colours in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light because…



…The right lighting can make a world of difference. 

Aside from simply bringing more light to rooms that suffer from a lack of natural light, lighting can be used to further enhance and create a relaxed, and inviting atmosphere. 

The key thing to remember here is that you don’t have to rely on the ceiling light alone (or at all). Make use of bedside lamps, or a strategically placed floor lamp to achieve an even distribution of light – which will further contribute to an atmosphere of tranquillity. 



Topping off the holy trio of bedroom creation is the decor. 

As with wall colours, the colour of your decor will impact the mood of your room – although feel free to use darker neutrals for the furniture if your walls are on the lighter side (and vice-versa) if you’re wanting to implement a bit of contrast. 

You can also further play with ambience via the textures of the decor itself. Simplistic patterns tend to make a room feel more calm and restful, whereas intricate and more noticeable patterns tend to enliven. 

Decor and furniture can also be used to introduce a theme in a room, should you wish. Wanting to sprinkle in a dash of elegance? Try some french style cabinets and a matching bed base. Feeling a touch of the boho? A frayed rug and a fairy light adorned four-poster should do the trick. A particular theme isn’t essential, but it will help the bedroom feel truly yours.


Include at least one area for activities 

Lastly, try to include at least one space that’s dedicated to doing something you enjoy (aside from blessed sleep). Some examples could include a bookcase and a bean bag or two if you’ve got the space, or even just something small like a desk if you’re pressed for space.

Yes, your bedroom should ultimately be a place of rest, but it’s also a place to relax – and that often means doing whatever it is you love. So be sure to carve out a little corner in your sanctuary to enjoy yourself within. 


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