The Keys to Good Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Sarah Aubrey, 22/03/2021

New Zealand’s generally temperate climate, green vista’s and love of the outdoors has meant that homeowners are now focussing on their indoor-outdoor flow more than ever before. In the planning of a new build, Trenz Create a Home offers a multitude of design options with this in mind. 

A room or space that easily connects to the outdoors, can be enjoyed every day and is also a way to increase the value of your home – maximising space and giving you options like a secondary dining area. This is important as we are generally living a lot less formally than before – family gatherings can now be found around the BBQ with a glass of wine, rather than in a formal dining room with the good china.  

As experts in designing homes that suit any lifestyle or location, Trenz Homes’ understand these elements are key when planning your new home’s indoor-outdoor flow; 


  • Think big!

Create big openings through clever use of doors and windows to ensure an easy transition from your indoor space to your outdoor area. A lot of historical homes have small windows or a windowless wall to the garden – which translates to zero indoor-outdoor flow. In the planning stages for your new home, consider investing in larger windows that give great visibility to your garden or outdoor area. They also have the added bonus of allowing an influx of light into your indoor space, making the inside of your home feel bright and airy. 


  • Opt for an all-seasons layout

NZ has a wonderful climate, but in certain areas, it can feel like four seasons in one day. Make the most of your outdoor areas by providing options with and without rain and wind cover. You can even consider smart options like wifi-enabled louvres that can retract at the touch of a button.  


  • Consider your flooring options

It may be a visual trick, but having similar flooring between your indoor space and outdoor area gives you the illusion that you are in one cohesive space. There are several flooring options to choose from in the planning stages, with wood being one of the most popular choices as it is robust yet stylish, with many colour and treatment options. 


  • Merge your spaces 

Create a feeling of one total space by clever use of furniture and plant placement. Stylish outdoor furniture like wicker or rattan can now live inside, as well as greenery and plants that can connect the interior of your house with the garden area. Technology companies are also creating new weatherproof products, such as TVs that can be used for entertaining outside, and heaters and outdoor fires are becoming increasingly popular so you can bring the warmth and coziness of inside to your outdoor areas. 


At Trenz Homes we pride ourselves on building beautiful homes customised to your lifestyle. Please contact your local Trenz Homes team HERE to talk with us about your new home.

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