The Perfect Bach: Why You Should Build Your Bach with Trenz

Sarah Aubrey, 14/05/2019

It’s that time of year when we are all hanging on to every last bit of sunshine possible. As we say goodbye to summer, it is time to start planning for when the warm weather returns.

If you’re like most Kiwi’s who visit their favourite holiday destination every summer and think “it would be great to have a bach here”, look no further. With Trenz Create A Home, you’re closer to building your own bach than you might realise.

Whether you want to build a house at your favourite beach, one street back from your secret lake hideout or a short drive away from your local ski field, Trenz kitset home plans allow you to design the holiday house you have always wanted.


With a customer-first mindset and unrivalled building and design expertise, we ensure that your new bach is exactly what you need. With a huge range of floor plans, from small one bedroom sleepouts to expansive five bedroom homes, there is a floorplan to suit your needs.

Which means if you want a classic Kiwi-style two bedroom bach, that can withstand the wear and tear of summer holidays and people dragging sand all through the house, we have exactly that. And, you can even add in an outdoor shower.

However, if you are envisioning a larger, more homely floor plan, which you can picture yourself retiring in, our franchisees can design that as well.

Additionally, as we know, plots of land come in all different shapes and sizes, particularly in country New Zealand. Which means that no two houses will be the same. Trenz design process takes the dimensions, restrictions and features of your plot of land into consideration. The result? A floor plan and house that maximises the space you have available.


We find that the key to building dream homes comes down to understanding exactly what our customers want. Thus, when you meet your local Trenz franchisee, we take the time to fully understand your vision for your new bach and then help you design exactly what you pictured.

Trenz has a large nation-wide franchise network with experienced and passionate people dotted throughout the country. No matter where you want to build your dream holiday home, you can count on Trenz to help.

Many of our franchisees have been a part of their local residential construction industry for many years before joining Trenz. Guaranteeing they have good relationships with local suppliers, understand council requirements and have easily accessible examples of Trenz houses they designed.

With this in mind, you can rest assured that your local franchise will bring the bach of your dreams to life.


Now is the perfect time to start thinking about and planning to build your ideal holiday bach. With the memory of a great summer still fresh, contact your local Trenz franchise today and start the process of designing and building your Trenz kitset home today.

The process from first design to move in day is a fairly fast and easy one. One, that if started now will be ready for when the warmer weather starts rolling in again.

Find your local franchise here.

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