Dining rooms – planning your eating space

Sarah Aubrey, 28/06/2021

Whether you use your dining room every day for meals with your family, only for special occasions, or barely ever, the space can be so much more than just a place to eat. 

Planning the Space

This question of a formal dining room is something that comes up fairly often when people are building a home. We define it as an additional space to a kitchen nook or family dining area which is separated from the kitchen and only used sporadically, perhaps for entertaining friends or special family occasions. 

There are a variety of reasons to have a formal dining room: 

  • You like to keep the kitchen happenings private when you are hosting. 
  • You plan to use it every day. 
  • You plan to use it for multiple purposes such as a crafts room or an office when it’s not in use for entertaining. 

Planning the Furniture

Now that you have considered the space, you can begin thinking about the furniture you need to fill it. Below are some pieces you may want to invest in: 

Dining Table 

Firstly, you need to choose a table which is proportional to the size of the room and consider how many people will be seated around it typically. If your space is on the smaller side, then going for a smaller size is a great way to save space. However, if you’re looking for a table to sit six or more people regularly then an oval or rectangular shape could be more suitable. 


Dining chairs should be in proportion to the height of the table, and of course, they should be comfortable. A tip for making sure your dining room doesn’t feel cluttered is to ensure that there is a good amount of unobstructed space behind the chairs. It’s also helpful for when you and your guests get up and down from the table! 

Sideboard, Cabinet or Console 

If you have enough space in the room a sideboard, cabinet or console is a great way to provide additional storage or have a display case. A glass or option shelving system will make the space feel lighter while a closed or darker coloured cabinet would be more suited to a larger dining room. These are also a great idea if the dining room has multiple purposes so you have somewhere to hide away your craft or work materials at the end of the day! 


Mirrors are a well known and well used interior design trick. In smaller spaces, they create the illusion of more space, reflecting light throughout the room. An added bonus is that they look beautiful in the evenings with candlelight. 

Custom Furniture

Finally, if you are looking for something completely unique and distinct to your style preferences, then bespoke furniture could be the perfect option for you. It’s also a great option if you are having difficulty with finding pieces of furniture to fit into your room scheme. 


If you still don’t know where to start you can always rely on Pinterest for a burst of inspiration. Take a look at our Dining Room Inspiration board or create your own board with your favourite colours, pieces, and textures to help you on your design journey. 

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