5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Home Using Sustainable Materials

Sarah Aubrey, 08/11/2019

Many Kiwis are looking for ways to build more sustainably – and rightly so.

At Trenz Create a Home, we believe anything you can do to give back to mother earth is to be encouraged. Sustainable builds are becoming more and more commonplace, boasting less waste, better reliability, and a finer quality of life.

Below, we share our 5 reasons for going green:

1. Conserve energy, save money

Using sustainable materials in your build will save you heaps in the long run. You conserve energy by using materials whose manufacturing results in less waste products that fill landfills.

Plus, green materials are super efficient! They result in better insulated homes and less use of water (through on-demand water heaters and low-flow toilets) saving you on ongoing living costs.

2. The wonders of wood

Environmentally-friendly wood is your new home’s best friend. Products such as cork and bamboo in particular, as they are fast growing products that cause little environmental damage.

It’s also worth looking into flooring manufacturers, as there are a fair few who are reclaiming wood from old buildings and re-finishing it. Recycling with true finesse!

3. More recycling and less waste

The more we reuse products, the less we use the world’s valuable resources. So even if you can’t build your entire home sustainably, putting the effort in to use even one or two green elements, will significantly lessen your carbon footprint.

4. Have a healthier home

In the current climate, any materials to make you and your family healthier (and happier!) can only be a good thing. There are several materials that can improve a home’s air quality: natural wool, air systems and laminates that don’t use toxic glues.

5. Help the planet!

Never underestimate how these small actions can help build a better world. How you build will help set examples for future generations. Think of your home as a symbol for how others might build and learn how to live sustainably. A place to be proud of for you, but our planet too.

So, before starting your build, get innovative! It is so important to be environmentally aware and active, but it’s also important to consider how much money can be saved when building green.

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