How to Maintain Your New Home

Sarah Aubrey, 19/07/2021

The first time you step into your brand new, custom built home truly is a magical experience. From the sparkling new appliances, blank walls ready to be filled with family photos and art, and that fresh home smell, it’s not a hard task to imagine the next chapter of your life there. 

However, keeping your new home in the same pristine condition it was on day one can be where the challenge sets in. By following our tips and tricks you can ensure that your new home stays in the same immaculate condition for years to come! 


Keep your new home clean and fresh

Cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to feel like a chore if you put it into perspective. Remember that cleaning isn’t just for the aesthetic, it’s also for the maintenance of your home in the long run. Make a plan to do a few deep cleans throughout the year in order to reduce health risks such as dust which can aggravate allergies and asthma. Vacuuming often is hugely beneficial for removing dust, pet fluff, dirt, and other contaminants which could impact you and your family’s health. 


Make a plan and commit to it

Create a maintenance checklist for chores that need to be completed both inside and outside of your home. Dividing the tasks into weekly, monthly, and sporadically can help to even out the workload. A handy hint is to store your cleaning supplies in an easily accessible location so you have no excuse to get down to cleaning! 


Don’t forget the street appeal 

Getting caught up with keeping the inside of your home in tip-top shape can sometimes lead to the outside being a bit neglected. Spending time on your yard and garden will allow you to maximise the enjoyment of your home, plus gardening is great for your health! 


Know when to call in the professionals

There are some tasks which pop up that are quite frankly out of your skill range, and there’s no shame in knowing when to call in the big guns. Having a list of maintenance and repair professionals such as electricians and plumbers in a handy place can make your life easier for when the unexpected happens. 


Get the whole team on board 

It may seem impossible at times but setting ground rules with your kids will make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your home tidy. Encourage your kids to only eat at the table and importantly, make sure that drawing only happens on paper (not on walls!). This will help you to keep you home in order, even when kids are living there. 


Housetrain your furry friends 

Our unpredictable and fluffy family members can often cause the most damage when left to their own devices. Keep pets who haven’t been house trained yet off carpeted areas and clean up any accidents as soon as possible to avoid staining. Providing enrichment toys for your pets such as interactive toys for dogs and scratching posts for cats can dissuade boredom from setting in, avoiding damage to your carpet, walls, and furniture. 


Finally, enjoy your new home! 

At Trenz Create a Home nothing makes us happier than helping you into your custom-built dream home. For more tips on maintaining your Trenz home or to learn more about how we can create your dream home, contact us today!

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