Tips for Designing a Functional Kitchen

Sarah Aubrey, 15/09/2021

Most people would consider their kitchen to be the heart and soul of their home. So, when you’re planning your kitchen it’s important for it to be equally as functional as it is beautiful. 

How functional your kitchen is depends on you, after all you’re the one that’s going to be using it so it should be tailored to your style. Luckily, with a Trenz home, your kitchen can be completely customised to your needs. 


When planning your kitchen layout there are a few things you will need to consider: 


The Size 

It’s essential for you to consider the size as you don’t want your kitchen to take valuable space away from a dining or living area, or for it to feel too cramped. Consider how often the kitchen will be used, for how many people, and whether it will also be used as an entertaining space. 


Appliance Placement 

When designing your kitchen you will need to think of where appliances should be located to be the most convenient to you. Think about how and where you use each of your kitchen items and where would be a logical place to store them. For example, cups and glasses should be stored near your water tap and cookware such as pots and pans should be stored near the stove. 

If you are planning on having a kitchen island with a stove top hob you should also consider having a prep sink. By having a prep sink you won’t walk back and forth across the kitchen with hot pans (which could be dangerous) just to use the main sink. Plus, the added benefit of a second sink is that two people will be able to prepare a meal in the kitchen without bumping into one another. 

If you are considering a scullery you need to first decide its purpose. Will it strictly be a pantry and kitchen storage area, a nook to prepare food and make school lunches, or would you want to use it as a space for small appliances? Deciding on its primary use is vital so you can then adequately prepare for plumbing, storage, power points, lighting, and of course, appliances. 


Kitchen Traffic 

The kitchen is the heart of the home and therefore it tends to have a lot of foot traffic moving through it throughout the day. Most kitchens will lead out to other rooms so it is vital that you get the paths between the different areas of the kitchen correct. You will want to ensure that your family members don’t have to walk past the oven, stove, or other key cooking areas to get to other rooms so that you can avoid unnecessary accidents. 


With the help of Trenz, you can have the beautiful and functional kitchen you’ve always dreamed of in your brand new home. Contact us today to get the process started.

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