Building the Perfect Home Takes Time, Enjoy the Process

Sarah Aubrey, 06/07/2020

It is normally one of the first questions prospective home builders ask, how long will the build take? 

Naturally, we are keen to have the process finished in as short a time as possible. But the reality is, building a house can take time. 

Like most things, don’t rush the process, enjoy the ride of building a home that is one hundred per cent yours – perfect for your needs now and as you grow. 

On the journey of building your house, the common things that can impact your move-in date are:


The actual build 

The actual build is the most obvious one. But, besides the design process, we find it is also the one that gets people most excited. 

Typically it can take anywhere between 12-24 weeks to build a standard, no-frills home. While this does sound like a bit of time, it is worth it. 

During this time you’ll get to watch your dream home grow, from the first time they break ground to the day you open the door. This is a great journey to be a part of, and one of our favourite parts of the job. 


External factors

While the above can be highly enjoyable and inspiring, there are a couple of external factors that can drag the process out. Namely, gaining bank/finance approval or necessary council consent. 

While both are hugely important, they tend to be the parts of the journey that peak the nerves, with the fear of not gaining the required approval. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Building with an experienced and trusted builder, such as Trenz Create A Home, can make this aspect a lot smoother. Due to our franchisee networks wealth of experience, we have the knowledge and understanding to ensure you are in the best position to gain any approval needed. 


The unexpected 

Even during the smoothest build, unfortunately, unexpected issues/ delays are likely to pop up. 

Things like adverse weather conditions (which New Zealand is good at producing) or unexpected delays in material deliveries can all rear their head during the build. 

But, remember these are generally temporary things. While, they may appear to be a big issue, with the right team in place these are small bumps in the road. 


The best way to reduce the effect these four elements have on your delivery timeline is to surround yourself with an experienced and trusted team. 

Trenz Homes is the team you need. Discover how your local franchisee can help you build the home of your dreams today. Get in touch now. 

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