Is It Time You Built a Beach House?

Sarah Aubrey, 04/12/2019

Don’t we all dream of our own bach by the sea? Of course we do! More and more Kiwis are choosing to build their own weekend getaways by the coast, investing in shoreline living for a better quality of life.

For many, a bach may feel like ‘something in the future’ or an unachievable goal, when actually, the sound of crashing waves is merely a floor plan away!

And why compromise on Paradise? Building your own beach house gives you full control of your project and what you want from your escape from the everyday. Trenz has options to suit all, from small house plans and cosy beach cottages to larger luxury plans, fully adaptable with the guidance of the Trenz team.

Below, we share our key considerations in building your great escape:


Possibly the most important factor when building your beach house, location really is everything. Take into account things such as proximity to the water, and check local variances and beach erosion trends. This will help you pick a piece of land that is easy and safe to build on.

Weather protection

Coastal areas may be subjected to more severe weather, so think about options like stilts to protect your house in case of flooding. Installing storm windows and shutters is also a sensible precaution.

Outdoor living spaces

What’s a bach without an outdoor space to enjoy the sunshine? Consider incorporating options like a wraparound porch or deck into your design. Or for big entertainers – an outdoor kitchen! Don’t be afraid to dream big.

Letting the breeze in

There’s nothing like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day, so make sure your bach is built to make the most of it! An open concept design lets light and air travel freely through the space. Features like sliding glass doors and big windows will make sure that circulation is always going.

Functional furnishing

Sand gets everywhere – that’s no news to anyone. Needless to say, when furnishing your bach, you need to consider “beach life”. Flush thresholds to make sweeping easy, light coloured decking so that tracked in sand doesn’t show, washable slipcovers. These little things make all the difference.

With these considerations in mind, your home by the ocean can be all you wanted and more. At Trenz, we delight in making our clients’ dream bachs a reality. Our innovative software allows you to visualise your design, so you can modify to your liking.

Choose one of our plans as a base or contact us if you wanted to get started on your own!

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