The Top 5 Building Trends for Home Design

Sarah Aubrey, 19/02/2020

What does the home of tomorrow look like? New materials and technologies are changing the way we build – for the better.

We help hundreds of Kiwis build the home of their dreams everyday, giving us a great insight into home design trends and what people are looking for.

And times are a-changing! Will you consider these trends in your next build?

1. Building economical

A trend that is getting us really excited is the desire to build economically, with respect for the world around us. Ancient building techniques that used biodegradable materials are now back on the scene. Learning from the past to build for the future.

2. Flexible floor plans 

Life is full of twists and turns, and having a living space that allows for this is a big bonus. The homes of tomorrow have movable partitions, sliding doors, pockets doors and more. 

Planning ahead for these life changes in your build can also come in the form of extra rooms that could be used for something else down the line: an office space, a nursery, etc…

3. Storage is king

We accumulate a lot of stuff over a lifetime, and the need for storage is not wavering. Walk-in wardrobes, oversized dressing rooms, and built-in cabinets are just a few of the necessities we are seeing pop up time and time again.

Garages are also still hugely present – and getting bigger! 

4. Insulated concrete

As weather conditions continue to grow more extreme, so does our desire to protect our homes and our families from harm. Depending on the location of your build, a storm-ready home design could make or break if you were looking to sell your house further down the line.

5. Accessibility 

A home for all ages and abilities? An idea so simple it’s a wonder we haven’t been doing it for years! As we are now living longer, we want a home that can cater to all ages and abilities. Easy to move around in with wider hallways, we are designing for a comfortable life for both us, and our families. 

Lots to consider? Our innovative homes are tailored to your exact specifications, so you can create your dream home without compromise. 

Our innovative software allows you to visualise your design, so you can modify to your standards. Plus, our team are on hand to help, making the whole process hassle-free.

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