How to Use Plants to Infuse a Bit of Nature in Your Home

Sarah Aubrey, 21/12/2020

Using plants to spice up your indoor space is nothing new. And it’s no wonder why the trend continues to endure. Plants have been scientifically proven to enhance feelings of serenity and relaxation for in whatever space they are placed. 

Furthermore, and as with their outdoor counterparts, plants play a big role in the air quality of a given space.

It’s a pretty good case for plants, right? Of course, for some, it’s more a question of how to incorporate them stylishly into your home. Fortunately, there’s plenty of options available on this front. 

Here are a few: 


Floor Plants

The classic, and if you’ve got the space for it, the unbeatable. The classic floor plant makes for an excellent statement piece in any living room and can change a sterile, dull space into something fresh and luxurious. 

The problem is, however, that they can be somewhat hard to accommodate. Due to their size, you’ll need a space with fairly high ceilings. In more compact areas, they can make a room feel crowded and more like a jungle. 

Their size also means they stand out more and will need to match with the rest of the decor and wall colours of the house. 

Now, if you happen to have a space that ticks all those boxes, floor plants can make a wonderful addition to your home. If not, however, there are still other options to explore. 


Tabletop Plants

Being smaller and more subtle, tabletop plants are often a winning option for smaller spaces. If you still want something that stands out, you can opt for vibrant flowers, or stick with something less showy-offy if you just want to reap the benefits of having indoor plants without bringing too much attention to them. 

Of course, different types of plants will require different types and levels of maintenance, so take this into account when choosing your next tabletop decoration. 



Another more subtle trend-making traction nowadays is that of the elegant hanging plants. This can be an effective way of incorporating more greenery into your home without taking up any floor/tablespace. 

It’s also quite fashionable and modern these days, so you’ll be racking up some interior design cred by using them too. 

The only downside is that you’ll have to be in a space where you can attach some hanging fixtures to the ceiling or walls of your home. If you’re in a position to do just that, it is well worth considering. 



Now, houseplants do come with certain responsibilities and factors that can make them inaccessible for some. For instance – some people have allergies whilst others are away too often to provide the necessary care for their plants.

Fortunately, even those folks don’t have to miss out on the fun. 

Fake plants, or even using plant print wallpaper can still have the same relaxing effect and help create a fresher atmosphere in your home. 

To our knowledge, oxygen purifying wallpaper or plastic plants are yet to be invented – but a strategically placed air-purifier might just do the trick here. 

Now of course, before you can make decisions about which organic decor you want in your home, you’ll need a home first. We can help with that. Learn more here.


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