How to Design a Small Bathroom to Look Bigger

Sarah Aubrey, 01/12/2020

A smaller space is no reason not to create the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

At Trenz, we know a lot of handy tricks you can implement in your bathroom design to help you make the most of every centimetre! So whether you’re designing a brand new home or updating your existing bathroom, here are five simple space-saving tips to help you along the way.



When designing a smaller bathroom, consider your sink carefully and opt for something wall-mounted. Not only does an off-floor vanity add to the illusion of space, but it’s also easy to clean underneath and can still provide plenty of storage.



Scrap the curtain shower and add a clear glass frame instead. While you’re at it, scrap the bath as well. We’re seeing more and more homeowners move away from bathtubs in favour of more room in their shower – especially when space is limited.

Another major space-saving feature? Try adding a shelf or in-built niche to your shower. This way you can keep clutter off the floor without resorting to a protruding shower caddy.


Colour Scheme

Keep your colour scheme light and bright. Time and time again, colours have proven to massively influence a room’s tone and sense of space. A lighter palette is perfect for smaller spaces, as it mimics the appearance of natural light and opens your space up tenfold.



Bathrooms can quickly become overwhelmed with clutter, which makes storage an essential part of the design process. Mirror cabinets are a fantastic way to add storage while simultaneously enhancing the illusion of space using light reflection.

If your budget can allow it, recessed cupboards can be a handy way to store items without taking up much room. Additionally, you can also store things underneath your vanity if it’s an off the floor type.


Visual Tricks

The humble mirror is one of the easiest ways to add a sense of volume to your space. Try placing your mirror opposite a natural source of light and as close to your ceiling as possible, to effectively double the size of the room. Another trick with mirrors is to backlight them. This is an ultra-chic and modern way to amplify the light in the room and perfect if you don’t have the wall space for sconces.


Are you thinking about your dream bathroom? Our team of experienced builders are available to chat anytime. In the meantime, browse our range of new home plans here to find the perfect base for your future home.

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