It’s the Little Things that Matter: Adding Your Personal Touch to Your New Home

Sarah Aubrey, 21/05/2019

The difference between a house and a home are the little things. It’s those personal touches that showcase who you are and can turn a house into a place you’re proud to call your own.

At Trenz Create A Home, we have been helping Kiwis create their dream homes for years. We understand that everyone has their own unique tastes when it comes to personalising their home. We’re extremely proud of our flexible floor plans, which offer the highest level of customisation around. Not only that, our franchisees make a point to ensure your Trenz home is completely kitted out with all the personal touches you desire.

Here are a few of the best ways you can add a little touch of personality to your new Trenz home.


Indoor/outdoor flow

While a great indoor/outdoor flow is in high demand these days, it’s the way you connect the two spaces that makes it truly unique. Thanks to our customisable floor plans, opening up the indoor living spaces in a way that suits your needs is simple.

Wanting a large living space that opens onto a spacious deck? How about, sliding doors that connect the master bedroom to the outdoors? Our floor plans will help create the space you crave.

Big outdoor features

While small touches are key, you also shouldn’t be afraid of adding in a big, staple feature that adds a real splash of excitement and personality. Be it a cozy outdoor fireplace area or feature entrance, these are great ways to liven up your new Trenz home. 

When you sit down with family or your Trenz franchisee, why not talk about adding a splash of personality to your plan, and we will turn that vision into reality.


The kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why it not only needs to be functional but also a welcoming space. When you’re building your home, don’t forget the little touches in the kitchen. For example, a unique splash back or breakfast bar, that will complete the space.


A fresh lick of paint

Whether you’re choosing the colour scheme for the entire house or feature wall, nothing screams personality like a fresh coat of paint.

The colours you choose for your house, or certain rooms, will go a long way. Especially, when creating the exact feel and atmosphere you want to set.


Creative storage

Doesn’t it feel like we’re constantly accumulating more and more things? That’s why creating adequate space for storage is important when designing your new home. Instead of having large, space-consuming cupboards, talk to your Trenz franchisee about creating practical storage spaces that don’t take up much room.


We understand that your new home needs to be perfect for you and your needs. That’s why we place no limit on the personal touches and unique features you can add to your home. From one to five-bedroom houses, our highly customisable kitset floor plans allow you the flexibility you need.

Get in touch with your local Trenz franchise today so we can show you how our plans can adapt to fit your lifestyle and needs – not the other way round.

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