Don’t Forget Your Garage In Your Plans

Sarah Aubrey, 03/02/2022

It’s only natural when building or renovating a home to be focussed on the key priorities of the kitchen, living or bedrooms. But the humble garage plays a critical part in the Kiwi home and should be a key consideration when planning the layout of your new home.
Whilst the garage has been used primarily as the place to store the family wagon, it has also housed old sporting memorabilia, family heirlooms and keen hobby equipment. 
But garages are now more multi-purpose than ever. Today homeowners need garages to not only be super practical but also look modern and fresh – in keeping with the rest of their home, regardless of size – from single and double to triple-bay garages.  
This is where it plays a critical role in the design of your home. More and more homeowners are wanting their garage for work and play. These opportunities can include a personal gym or yoga space, an art studio, or a wine cellar. The modern garage is often carpeted, giving it even more versatility and a more polished homely feel. Another thing to consider is if the space should be warm? The addition of insulation and full wall linings can create a significantly more clean and comfortable area, ideal for extra living or play space.
So when you are in the design phase, think about the role of your garage in your home. Its primary use, its accessibility to the rest of the house, and how you and your family can get the best out of the space. Your garage can become a key asset in your home.
Please contact your local Trenz Homes team HERE to talk with us about the role of your new garage in planning your new home

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