Tips for Building Your Dream Holiday Home

Sarah Aubrey, 21/08/2020

A lot of places – typically hotels – like to call themselves “your home away from home”. Sure, the sentiment is nice – but with Trenz Create A Home making it easier than ever to sort out a dream house for yourself, why would you settle for anything but the real thing? 

Aside from realising your ultimate day-to-day residential abode, Trenz Homes are perfect for crafting the getaway abode you’ve always dreamed of calling your own. 

The best part? Being able to choose the design of your home rather than just picking from a bunch of existing homes means creating a dream space for your ultimate getaway is easier than ever before.  

So with all this in mind, we’ve put together a few pointers to consider when planning your dream home away from home. 


Picking a style – and allowing yourself to have a bit of fun with it.


Choosing what kind of overall style your getaway home (or any home, for that matter) is an important choice you’ll have to make during the early planning stages. What’s ultimately most important is creating an atmosphere that you’ll feel relaxed in. 

However, don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with this. Let’s not forget that you’re building a place of freedom, and a place to get away from “your normal” after all. 

So feel free to experiment with some styles you might not employ in your day-to-day home. After a coastal getaway? Consider a nautical or tiki bar theme. A mountain retreat? Think heavy rugs and dark oak furniture. 

Whether it’s stripped-down minimalist or crowded and cosy – make it yours. That’s the only rule here.




There’s more to holidays than the accommodation itself (no matter how stunning the accommodation can be). 

Of course, there are all the details around acquiring the land and all that practical carry on, but let’s stick to what’s most important for now: where do you want to spend your holidays? 

A childhood family getaway containing a treasure trove of fond memories?

Or maybe it’s the local capital of your favourite hobby?


Hobbyist Facilities.


And speaking of hobbies – it’s worth considering what interior features you’ll need to make the most of your own little paradise. 

If the goal is to be hitting the slopes most days, adequate storage space for your skiing equipment is a must. 

Alternatively, for all you classic relaxing types, you might find that a spacious lounge or a fireplace and a bookcase duo are the ideal features to zen out with. 

Now, for the at-home activities, you’ll also want to consider what sort of space you’ll need. Will it just be you enjoying a solitary respite? Bringing the lifelong besties? Hosting multi-day ragers? Or perhaps raking in some extra cash by renting it out to other families?

Keep in mind that whilst it’s easy to get caught up with wanting an overly spacious house, having too many rooms without a purpose can lead to issues – such as turning simple upkeep into a monumental chore (and who wants to deal with that whilst holidaying)?


Thinking outside the box (literally)


Of course, there’s more to an ideal holiday home than just the interior decoration. 

Once you’ve got the house itself sorted, it’s time to consider what sort of outdoor facilities you might like to have. Every beach batch needs a pool, just as every party pad needs an outdoor bar.


We could go on and on about all the possibilities available to you when it comes to crafting your dream home-away-from-away, but we’d hate to have all the fun. 

Needing a bit more inspiration? Feel free to peruse our range of floorplans here (and feel free to get in touch if you’re ready to make it a reality): Search here.

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