How to Manage Your Time Frame When Building

Sarah Aubrey, 22/10/2019

Time is money. Never is this truer than in a building project. 

Because whilst timescale can depend largely on the season you choose to build in and the complexity of your house design – a successful build always starts with a detailed plan. 

Come rain, come shine – projecting your time and budget means you’ll be prepared for any eventuality. Below, we offer our top tips for managing your time effectively.

Build a project management spreadsheet

Construction requires the integration of several trades coming in at several different points. So, to get on top of things from the get-go, outline all planned comings and goings in one trusty spreadsheet you can refer to and keep updated throughout your build.

Breaking down the individual steps of the project and allocating the number of days for each activity will help give you an initial understanding of timeframes and help you move forward.  

Stay on top of day-to-day management

Be sure to monitor your project daily. When one thing is delayed or takes longer than estimated, you’ll quickly be able to see the knock-on effect this has on other parts of your project, and be able to act on it immediately.

With this in mind, you can adjust, adapt and make changes in schedule. Be sure to hold your builders and suppliers accountable for why a certain project may have overrun, but don’t dwell – take the necessary steps to keep the project moving. 

Allow for contingencies 

Every time frame needs some wiggle room. Some expenses may be bigger than originally anticipated, weather might put you out of action for a week or so, and sometimes – life just gets in the way!

This means putting both time and money aside in the initial planning period to save yourself the stress. Inevitably some things will take longer than estimated. Know that this is completely normal but preparation is key.

Let Trenz Create a Home do it all for you!

We are incredibly passionate about helping our clients build their perfect home. From the moment you choose one of our plans through to you turning the key to the door of your new home, we’re there, taking care of everything so you don’t have to.

We’ve helped hundreds of Kiwis in building their dream homes, and our extensive experience means we know how best to manage time when building properties, big and small. 

Completely transparent in our process, we keep you abreast of all goings-on throughout the build. This means every step of the process is documented so you have full visibility over day-to-day management of what it going on both on and off-site. 

And because we truly do understand that the right products, design and people are crucial to success, the whole process is hassle free. 

Ready to get started? Get in touch with one of the Trenz team today.

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