Client Testimonial

Rod McLeod
Region: Rodney

Thank you and the team at TRENZ Homes. We will pour the concrete drive and paths tomorrow and then a few minor tidy up jobs and the project is completed on time (very tight schedule ) and on budget.

You will be impressed with the quality of the finish and how the house takes advantage of the relatively difficult site.

Gareth was great and his QS was spot on with enough generosity to take the stress out of the job. My builder Kevin Pyle is old school, fastidious and proud of his workmanship. He initially freaked out when I told him I was building a kitset. He imagined a huge Meccano set with lots of numbered pieces. In reality, you do not provide Kit-Set homes, you provide package homes that are cost-effective because of your design, systems control and because off your purchasing power.

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