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We have renovated a few houses over the years but never built a new home and the whole building process seemed a bit daunting. We looked at a variety of companies and what they were all providing. We had stacks of mail sent to us with loads of ideas about things like cladding, roofing, wall linings, colour schemes, you name it we looked at it. There are lots of things you will need to decide on but one thing that is critical before you do anything is – who do you use for your kit set company? And then, can you trust them to deliver the goods? I mean, can you trust them with your hard earned (or hard borrowed) money? Because you will need to put your money up front.

I have been a Police officer for 15 years and believe me I have seen, through my work, the good, the bad and the really ugly when it comes to people and money. If you’re building a house then you will probably be making the biggest financial investment in your life and as a Cop I wanted someone that I could trust with my investment. To me that was the number one concern because if the company could be trusted with my money then every thing else would work out.

John Smith and his team at TRENZ Homes New Zealand are honest, straight up people who deliver what they promise. From the building consent stage through to the fitting of the wardrobes and door handles

John and his team made it easy.

I guess the final test of any company you’ve worked with is, would you use with them again?

Answer: If or when we build again John Smith and TRENZ Homes New Zealand will be the only ones I will be calling – I would not build with anyone else.

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