Client Testimonial

J & N de Langen
Region: Whangarei

After 17 years ownership of a narrow, steep and extremely difficult coastal section, we were finally in a position to build a holiday home in 2011. Being Auckland based and novice house builders, we approached several kitset home companies (including TRENZ Homes) believing this would be the best way for us to go. TRENZ was the only company that followed up on our initial enquiry. The others we suspect were not interested, in large part due to the difficulties our site presented. TRENZ Homes just took it all in their stride, regularly assuring us they were steep site specialists. They also allowed us to go outside the standard kitsets available and worked collaboratively with us on a design that suited our tastes and budget, as well as the site.

Initially we planned to build on a lower platform that had already been cut and leveled by previous owners, believing this to be the only accessible part of our property. We were well on the way to progressing the final design of the house when it became apparent that Council constraints meant a smaller house than we wanted. At that stage, Neil Croft from TRENZ came back on site and duly disappeared up a steep bank covered in native bush to view the top of our section. Emerging a short time later, he announced somewhat to our surprise that yes, he could get his machinery up the bank to create a building platform at the top where the section widened and the views were vastly superior.

Throughout the construction, both Neil and the builder’s ‘can do, will do’ attitude has meant that we have been able to maximize on the size of the house, capitalize on the amazing views from the top platform and leave the lower platform for much needed parking. Nothing has been too much trouble or too difficult for either Neil or Joe Love, the builder organized for us by TRENZ Homes.

However, I am sure that at times the site has been more than a little daunting, not least being access issues getting materials up to the site. But at no time have we heard the words “it can’t be done”. Neil, Joe, John Smith and the team at TRENZ Homes have delivered on all their promises and endeavored to make the whole process as easy and as cost effective as possible for us. We would happily recommend them to others considering building a home – especially those with a difficult site!

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