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The Trenz Difference
  • Choose a Trenz Home Floor Plan – Browse our catalogue of new home design plans to find the starting point for your future home. 
  • Contact Your Local Franchisee -Each of our franchisees is an experienced home builder, who will work with you to customise a home plan to suit your lifestyle.
  • Create Your HomeYour local team will then build your dream home, turning your house plan into reality – a home you’ll be proud to call your own.
Customised yet Affordable. That’s a Trenz Home
Whether it’s a small house design for singles & or larger home creations for full families - Trenz has you sorted it our wide range of fully customisable plans to choose from.

Your home should be more than just a shelter – it should be the perfect place to live the lifestyle you want. 

The thing is – there are as many Kiwi lifestyles out there as there are Kiwis. This means that being able to create the perfect home for any Kiwi requires a customised approach to homemaking – and that’s exactly what Trenz Homes Create a Home does best. 

Trenz Homes offers the complete home building experience – from the design stages right through to the completion of the project.

We allow our customers to pick out the perfect home by offering a wide range of completely customisable house building plans to choose from. 

Be it one of our modern house plans or a timeless cottage design, our range includes an option for everyone. Be sure to discover our wide range of plans below:

Let’s get to homemaking. Make your first inquiry into customised living by checking out our range of home designs here, or get in contact with your local franchisee below

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